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Sight Unseen - cover

Sight Unseen

Hunter Raines

Publisher: Carina Press

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The growing attraction between a blind medium and his skeptical biographer is threatened by deadly spirits in this paranormal romance. 
Daniel Van Doren was once a renowned writer, until he was blinded in the car accident that killed his lover. Now, all he sees are ghosts in need of help. They follow him everywhere, and the only way to be rid of his ethereal visitors is to help them resolve their unfinished business here on earth. 
Ghostwriter Logan Riley is assigned to pen Daniel’s biography. He plans to reveal him as a fraud, but when they meet he’s struck by Danny’s quiet sincerity—and an undeniable attraction. Which makes sticking close to Danny to find out the truth more than a little distracting. 
When they are attacked by a violent poltergeist, Logan begins to believe Danny’s claims—and fear for his life. A spirit has learned how to harness the energy of the living to harm Danny. And Logan may be the one to blame . . .
Available since: 07/23/2012.
Print length: 175 pages.

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  • Christmas Wish List - cover

    Christmas Wish List

    N.R. Walker

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    In need of work and a change of scenery, Aussie ex-pat Jayden Turner agrees to a short-term chef position at a Bed and Breakfast over the Christmas holidays. After all, how hard could it be in a small town in the mountains of Montana? What he finds is a grand old house in a beautiful town, and his new boss is gorgeous, gay, and single. 
    After his divorce, Carter “Cass” Campion bought his great-aunt’s rundown country manor in his home town, and he’s determined to get it ready for the busy holiday period. Recently out as gay, he’s been focused solely on his business and hasn’t had time for a man. Not that many gay men come through Hartbridge . . . 
    As his new clients arrive, and being away from his two kids, celebrating Christmas is the last thing on Cass’s mind. But his new chef has other ideas. And if there’s one thing on his Christmas Wish List this year, Jayden can make it come true.
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  • Little Sip of Sin (MMF Monster Romance) - cover

    Little Sip of Sin (MMF Monster...

    Clio Evans

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    Creatures of all kinds go to the Barista to find love, including two stunning dragon shifters known as Dell and Dracon.  
    Dracon and Dell want to find their soul mate and don't mind sharing with each long as they have a connection too. They want someone who won't run from their teeth, claws, scales, and...yes, those things too. 
    The Barista introduces the two of them to Kat, a sassy human who loves monsters but is reluctant to fall in love with one- let alone two.  
    It doesn't take long before passion ignites between the three of them. One weekend together is all the dragons think it will take to convince Kat they are all meant to be.  
    This novella includes the following:BondageVoreKnife PlayHuge Equipment...Sword Crossingand more... 
    The Creature Cafe Series follows the Barista and who he matchmakes. Each book will have a different monster finding their true love, tons of spicy scenes, and special *ahem* appendages. Follow Clio Evans on Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok to stay up to date on monster related shenanigans.
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  • Healing For His Omega - M M Alpha Omega MPREG - cover

    Healing For His Omega - M M...

    Crista Crown, Harper B. Cole

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    If you can't throw your fears away, give them to me. 
    Widowed, pregnant, and mourning his kidnapped son, the last thing omega hawk Benjamin wants right now is a serious relationship. So he seeks comfort in the arms of the one man he doesn't have to worry about falling in love with him. 
    Growing up rejected by the people who love him, it doesn't surprise alpha mountain lion Kurt that Ben doesn't see him as potential mate material, but he's content to give whatever Ben will take, even if it's just sex, and love on Ben's little boy. 
    When Kurt is injured saving Ben's life, Ben realizes how isolated he'd made himself, and how much he'd come to care for Kurt without even realizing it. But before their relationship can settle, they have to find the man who killed Ben's mate, kidnapped his oldest son, and set fire to their house. But their enemy is more dangerous than they realized, and the lives of everyone they love are at risk. 
    Healing For His Mate is a 36k word novella featuring a dangerous arsonist building an army of powerful children, a hawk who can't fly, a mountain lion who doesn't know what it feels like to be loved, and the found family of the Outcasts Pack. It is the third book in the series, and will be best enjoyed when read in order. Warning: contains mpreg, knotting, and vortex.
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  • Embrace Me: Love in the Pacific Northwest Book 2 - cover

    Embrace Me: Love in the Pacific...

    Beck Grey

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    Sometimes, the best way to overcome differences — is to embrace them. 
    Nothing is more important than family. Someday I’ll have my own, if I can ever find the right guy. For now, I'm concentrating on my career and a promotion. That is until my company hires a hot-shot with the right credentials to snag the position.  
    I should resent him, but Tadhg Byrne is talented. And gorgeous. And though my ASL is pitiful, it means I’m the most “qualified” colleague to partner with him. Or so my boss says. So I guess I’m about to do myself out of a job.  
    After a nasty breakup with my manipulative ex, I returned home to Seattle to lick my wounds. I’m done with relationships. From now on I’m focusing on my career. 
    There are just a few issues with that. 
    1. It’s not that easy for a Deaf man to succeed in a Hearing world, even with the right degree and experience. 
    2. Quinn MacDougall—my good-natured coworker. He’s incredibly talented, driven, and distractingly handsome. 
    3. Quinn’s Hearing. And that’s the biggest problem of all. How can someone who isn’t Deaf ever truly understand and accept me? 
    Embrace Me is a low-medium angst, contemporary MM romance about language barriers, loving but demanding families, crappy bosses, and sexy guys in speedos. It contains no cheating, and a guaranteed Happily Ever After.
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  • Other Than Honorable - A Cabrini Law Novel - cover

    Other Than Honorable - A Cabrini...

    Parker St. John

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    Revenge is a risky business . . . but nothing is more dangerous than love. 
    No one would suspect the hell Matthew Ballard has lived through, least of all the green-eyed Marine sent to protect him. Matt is playing a long con against a dangerous foe. He can't afford the distraction of a bodyguard with his own pile of issues . . . no matter how desperately he secretly craves the feel of his rough hands. 
    When J. D. Reese lost the Marine Corps, he lost the only home he ever knew. Discharged and adrift, he can't afford to refuse a job protecting the spoiled heir of an embattled energy corporation. His young charge is cunning, arrogant, and infuriating . . . and Reese wants him more than his next breath. 
    Can two hard-as-nails men surrender to each other when the fight is all they've ever known? 
    Contains mature themes.
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  • Asian Domination - Lesbian BDSM Erotica - cover

    Asian Domination - Lesbian BDSM...

    Jenika Lovey

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    Anna is paired with a cute Asian beauty for a coursework assignment on the second day of a two-week college course. It brings on her fantasies of taking control of the Asian girl for sex and she begins to make a play for her. The Asian girl seems interested and agrees to an invitation to study at her new friend's home. Anna sees this as a green light to use her, only to find the tables being turned as her new Asian friend takes control and ties her up and dominates her.   
    This story contains sex scenes and is suitable for adults only. All characters are fictional and are 18 years or older.
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