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The Algonquin Reader - Fall 2015 - cover

The Algonquin Reader - Fall 2015

Hill Algonquin Books of Chapel

Publisher: Algonquin Books

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Get an inside look at Algonquin’s outstanding forthcoming fiction with the Fall 2015 Algonquin Reader. Discover the inspiration behind each book through an original essay by the author. Then enjoy a free preview of each novel.This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance! by Jonathan Evison On Sale September 8, 2015 “Once again, Jonathan Evison dazzles . . . This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance! is as sweet as it is inventive, profound as it is hilarious, unflinching as it is bighearted.” —Maria Semple, author of Where’d You Go, BernadetteThe Muralist by B. A. Shapiro On Sale November 3, 2015 “Shapiro once again pens the art world into vivid, sensual life. If you liked The Art Forger, you're going to love The Muralist!” —Lisa Genova, author of Still AliceThe Last September by Nina de Gramont On Sale September 15, 2015 “A moody murder mystery . . . De Gramont's latest boasts lovely, understated writing, sharply drawn settings--Boulder, Amherst, and Cape Cod--and, once again, characters who are irresistibly attractive, flawed, and dangerous . . . But it is also an emotionally intense study of how a transcendent love becomes a fraying marriage . . . A fine literary whodunit from an accomplished storyteller.” —Kirkus ReviewsAnd West Is West by Ron Childress On Sale October 13, 2015 “This compelling debut novel, which won the PEN/Bellwether Prize for Socially Engaged Fiction, dramatically examines the insidious role unrestrained technology plays in the moral and ethical corruption of people, institutions, and government . . . This is an excellent, suspenseful story.” —Publishers WeeklyOnly Love Can Break Your Heart by Ed Tarkington On Sale January 5, 2016 “Kept me turning pages enthralled. Only Love Can Break Your Heart is part The Graduate, part southern gothic dysfunctional family, part Edisto, part The Moviegoer. It’s all Ed Tarkington, though. Funny, desperate, sad, tender, suspenseful, intelligent, insightful, and full of nothing but heart, heart, heart.” —George Singleton, author of Between Wrecks  The Fall of Princes by Robert Goolrick On Sale August 25, 2015 “A heart-wrenching, beautiful, darkly comic, deeply necessary tale that stuns again and again with razor-sharp prose and glittering wit. Goolrick is, without question, one of the greatest storytellers of our time.” —Téa Obreht, author of The Tiger's WifeCover art by Melinda Beck

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    A Meryton Matchmakers Short Story 
    Does the universe hate them? 
    Elizabeth is beginning to think so. 
    Elizabeth's first impression of Darcy and his of sucked. 
    Then there was that disastrous misunderstanding that still causes her to blush with embarrassment when she thinks about it. 
    Now, blissfully in love (who would have thought) and married, they're honeymoon bound, but weather forces then to make an emergency landing. 
    Now, trying to outrun tornados and find shelter, Darcy and Elizabeth need to quickly learn to work together if they want to start married life on the right foot. 
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    The Rich Boys Club features 8 steamy erotic romance novels from Helen Cooper.
    	All are complete with no cliffhangers!
    	Included in this set are:
    	1. The Billionaire's Baby
    	2. New Beginnings (Sequel to The Billionaire's Baby)
    	3. A Baby For The Millionaire
    	Jenny is a recent college grad who one night drunkenly applies for a job she is not qualified for with a fabricated resume. When she gets the job, she decides to see if she can play it off and due to a mistaken identity finds herself in the CEO's office.
    	Hamilton Verona is rich and handsome and is not looking for any trouble but when Jenny walks into his office, he finds himself propositioning her for a position that could change her life.
    	A position that could would find her doing things she had never ever dreamed of.
    	4. The Billionaire's Unlikely Bride 
    	Elle is single and living in the City with her best friend Brittany. Brittany has a plan to have them both married off to billionaires and Elle can't help but go along.
    	Peter Branford is the young billionaire that Brittany wants Elle to fall in love with but there are a couple of people who don't want to see that happen: Olivia, Peter's icy mother and Elliott Rosewood, Brittany's dad and a figure from Elle's past.
    	5. How To Catch A Billionaire 
    	Sarah Smith is a recent college grad with dreams to be a big time actress. The only problem is, she can't find an acting job anywhere. So she decides to accept a job at Zoom Corp and uses her acting position to get an executive position.
    	Sarah thinks she has hit the big time until she meets CEO Harry Green, the only problem is she doesn't realize he is the CEO and makes a fool of herself. It's not long before she's out of a job and into Harry's bed.
    	Before long Sarah finds herself falling in love but Harry lets her know in no uncertain terms that he doesn't play for keeps. So Sarah decides to see if she can figure out how to catch a billionaire with the help of her best friend Jane.
    	6. The Millionaire's Assistant 
    	7. The Millionaire's Lover 
    	8. The Millionaire's Games 
    	Louise goes to spend the weekend in 'The Hamptons' with the Beekman brothers: Ben, David and Richard. She ends up spending the night with one of them and finds herself falling for the wrong brother.
    	As secrets keep getting revealed, Louise doesn't know how much she can take and she doesn't know how to say no to the man who turns on her heart and destroys her soul.
    	The Rich Boys Club is a erotic romance box set intended for those 18 and up. It includes sexy situations and bad language!
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  • Protecting Her Lover - cover

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    His life was in danger and it would push him right back into her arms. 
    When dashing billionaire Scotty Gannon is shot at, he knows it’s because he is set to testify against a ruthless mob boss in a few days. Scotty needs protection, but he’s completely against hiring a bodyguard. 
    Detective Mattie Lodge has not gotten over her breakup with Scotty but reluctantly agrees to be his body guard to make sure he gets to court to testify. 
    For the last year Scotty has wanted to make things right with Mattie and have her back into his life. Heartbroken Mattie longs for Scotty but the thought of depending on anyone terrifies her. 
    They only have two days to settle past issues and reclaim their love for each other, but with Scotty’s life on the line…will it be too late?
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  • Being Mrs Blakemore - The Blakemore Files #1 - cover

    Being Mrs Blakemore - The...

    Olivia Gaines

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    Odessa Trodat started her day excited to do a little shopping in Puerto Vallarta. Nearly kidnapped by human traffickers, she was saved by Saxton Blakemore, only to find herself in a bigger pickle; handcuffed and married to him. This created an even bigger problem since her husband was a mule for a drug cartel.
    Saxton Blakemore wasn’t happy with the turn of events either. His attempts to help the young woman was not turning out as he had hoped. He promised to get her home in one piece, but each moment spent in her presence, only intensified his attraction to his pretend wife.
    In order for them to get out of Mexico alive, they both understood, she would need to be very convincing at being Mrs. Blakemore.
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  • The Lady Most Willing - A Novel in Three Parts - cover

    The Lady Most Willing - A Novel...

    Eloisa James, Julia Quinn,...

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    After the success of The Lady Most Likely, New York Times bestselling authors Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, and Connie Brockway have joined together once again, but this time to ask the question, who is The Lady Most Willing? 
    When Laird Taran Ferguson’s nephews refuse to wed and secure his birthright, he takes matters into his own hands, raiding a ball and kidnapping four likely brides—a bonny lass, an heiress with a slight reputation problem, a rich English beauty, and a maiden without a name or a fortune. But which one is ready to fall in love with the Scottish lord? Add a very angry duke, a decrepit castle, and a fierce Highland storm that is holding all of Taran’s “guests” captive to the mix, and readers will find themselves transported to a world of temptation, passion, and new and unexpected love. This historical romance novel in three parts—a single story with three compelling voices—is one that will not soon be forgotten.
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  • Rosings and the Wraith - Lizzy Bennet Ghost Hunter #3 - cover

    Rosings and the Wraith - Lizzy...

    Jemma Thorne

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    A wealthy heiress in the grip of a suspicious malady…and the increasingly curious behavior of Mr. Darcy. Lizzy Bennet has her hands full. 
    The implications of marriage, or the lack thereof, have never been more on Lizzy Bennet’s mind. With her sister Jane pining for Bingley in London, Lizzy visits Charlotte at her new home in Kent and finds her friend both settled and settling. But her first glimpse of the reclusive heiress Anne de Bourgh brings mystery crashing delightfully into what might otherwise be a quiet trip. When Mr. Darcy and his cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam arrive at Rosings Park, lighthearted Lizzy must begin to face the largest mystery of all – what is it that she really wants? 
    Lizzy Bennet Ghost Hunter is a series of haunted short stories inspired by Jane Austen’s beloved novel Pride and Prejudice, and by the sort of tall tales best heard among the shadows and wavering glow that surrounds a campfire. Look for the series conclusion Shades of Prejudice Past in winter 2017.
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