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Verse and Worse - cover

Verse and Worse

Harry Graham

Publisher: Good Press

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By Harry Graham is a collection of humorous English poetry. Graham's witty and entertaining poems make this work a delightful read for lovers of humorous literature and English poetry.
Available since: 12/10/2019.
Print length: 160 pages.

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  • Julius Caesar (Argo Classics) - cover

    Julius Caesar (Argo Classics)

    William Shakespeare

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    William Collins Books and Decca Records are proud to present ARGO Classics, a historic catalogue of classic prose and verse read by some of the world’s most renowned voices. Originally released as vinyl records, these expertly remastered stories are now available to download for the first time. 
    ‘The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.’ 
    Shakespeare's political thriller tells the story of the conspiracy against Caesar, his assassination and the defeat of his conspirators. 
    Jealous conspirators convince Caesar's friend Brutus to join their assassination plot against Caesar. To stop Caesar from gaining too much power, Brutus and the conspirators kill him on the Ides of March. Mark Antony drives the conspirators out of Rome and fights them in a battle. Brutus and his friend Cassius lose and kill themselves, leaving Antony to rule in Rome. 
    All of the Shakespeare plays within the ARGO Classics catalogue are performed by the Marlowe Dramatic Society and Professional Players. The Marlowe was founded in 1907 with a mission to focus on effective delivery of verse, respect the integrity of texts, and rescue neglected plays by Shakespeare’s contemporaries and the less performed plays of Shakespeare himself. The Marlowe has performed annually at Cambridge Arts Theatre since its opening in 1936 and continues to produce some of the finest actors of their generations. 
    Thurston Dart, Professor of Music at London University and a Fellow of Jesus College Cambridge, directed the music for this production. 
    The full cast includes: John Wilders; George Rylands; Anthony White; Clive Swift; John Dover Wilson; Donald Beves; John Barton; Anthony Jacobs; Tony Church; Roger Prior; Denys Robertson; Michael Jaffe; Gary Watson; Roderick Cook;John Arnott; David Buck; John Arnott; Noel Annan; David Buck; Gary Watsom; Julian Pettifer; John Bird; John Arnott; Chris Renard; Chris Renard; Mark Griffiths; Clive Swift; Wendy Gifford; Dorothy Mulcahy. 
    The theatre production, short in duration but rich in content, showcases the best of European dramatic arts. The performing skills of the actors are truly commendable. 
    For fans of Richard Parsons (GCSE English Shakespeare Text Guide), and Arthur Miller (Incident at Vichy).
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  • The Moliere Collection - cover

    The Moliere Collection

    Molière Moliere

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    Six hilarious satires from the ingenious Molière, France’s original master of comedies:
    The Bungler  
    In 17th-century Sicily, a clever valet named Mascarille tries to help his boss Lélie win the girl of his dreams...only to find that Lélie is a monumental dunce who ruins every one of his intricate schemes. Performed by Richard Easton, et al.
    The Imaginary Cuckold 
    Brian Bedford stars as the enraged husband who imagines his wife is unfaithful, but becomes reluctant to defend his honor in this grand farce of hysterical coincidences, frenzied confusion and mistaken identities – the most widely performed Molière play in his lifetime. Performed by: Brian Bedford, Joanne Whalley, et al.
    The School for Husbands
    Sganarelle, a tyrannical old buffoon of a husband-to-be, seeks to isolate his young ward, while unwittingly carrying her messages of devotion to her lover. Performed by: Brian Bedford, Emily Bergl, et al. 
    The School for Wives 
    In this biting comedy of errors, the hapless Arnolphe is undone by his own double dealing and double standards. This play is considered by many to be Molière’s masterpiece, and Wilbur’s subtle verse translation illuminates the great master of comedy at his wittiest. Performed by: William Brown, et al.
    Initially banned in by King Louis XIV, Molière’s most famous satire exposes hypocrisy in the Catholic Church. A pious fraud manipulates the patriarch of a wealthy family into giving up his fortune, and it’s up to his family to expose the truth before they end up in the poor house. Performed by: Brian Bedford, Martin Jarvis, et al.
    The Misanthrope
    Razor-sharp wit inflames a competitive game of survival in the salons of 17th century France. In this world of "finest appearances", one man’s blunt honesty shatters his society’s delicate web of manners in what is often considered to be Molière’s Hamlet. Performed by: Harry Althaus, et al.
    Six hilarious satires from the ingenious Molière, France’s original master of comedies: The Imaginary Cuckold, The School for Husbands, The School for Wives, Tartuffe, and The Misanthrope.
    ©2010 L.A. Theatre Works (P)2010 L.A. Theatre Works
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  • Moth Terror - cover

    Moth Terror

    Benjamin de Casseres

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    LibriVox volunteers bring you 17 recordings of Moth Terror by Benjamin De Casseres . This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for February 13, 2011.Benjamin De Casseres was an American journalist and author. He worked for various New York City newspapers writing columns and editorials. He also wrote poetry, fiction, essays, and critical reviews. (wikipedia) This poem taken from The Second Book of Modern Verse: A Selection from the Work of Contemporaneous American Poets, edited by Jessie B. Rittenhouse. (1869 - 1948)
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  • Strawberry Blonde - Hollywood Stage - cover

    Strawberry Blonde - Hollywood Stage

    Hollywood Stage Productions

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    Hollywood is indelibly printed in our minds as the ‘go-to’ place for entertainment and has been for decades.  When there really did seem to be more stars in Hollywood than in Heaven Hollywood Stage had them performing films as radio plays – on the sponsors dime of course.  Classic films now become audiobooks with many featuring the original stars from way back when. Here's Strawberry Blonde starring Don Ameche & Rita Hayworth.
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  • Ties - cover


    Roberta Mezzabarba

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    Ties, strings made up with screams (Apollinaire). 
    At the striking of midnight into the new millenium, a new threat comes from the darkness. A baby was rescued but now a young boy is in danger. 
    Three women are fighting. Nobody is safe. The year 1000 is no more. The year 2000 and Death. An engaging novel that blends thriller ,suspense and esothericism. 
    A novel about strong connections between past and present. 
    New Year`s Eve 1999. 
    Guglielmo has an apparently quiet life, without any shadows. 
    Gemma, his girlfriend, is the only girl he felt something well beyond physical attraction. Angelica, a loving and thoughtful mother. 
    Filiberto, a detached and insensitive father. 
    Finally Luana and Lucio, the two antagonists of the story, those who will try to destroy Guglielmo`s life, to take him away from his loved ones in order to fulfil a wicked and crazy plan put it together by a sick and evil mind. 
    However, life entails choices as well. Will Guglielmo manage to untie the strings that are trapping him and get his life back? 
    The plot of this novel is articulated and dramatic; a novel that captures your attention so much that you will read it in one sitting because it is full of suspense that will keep your attention high. 
    You can see the exciting booktrailer here
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  • Nice Fish - A Play - cover

    Nice Fish - A Play

    Mark Rylance, Louis Jenkins

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    “A quirky charmer of a play [that] contains, beneath its homely surfaces, larger meanings that glide softly into your mind and heart.”—The New York Times (Critics’ Pick) 
    On a frozen Minnesota lake, the ice is beginning to creak and groan. It’s the end of the fishing season and on the frostbitten, unforgiving landscape, two friends are out on the ice, angling for something big, something down there that, had it the wherewithal, could swallow them whole.  
    With the existentialism of a Beckett two-hander but set in the icy and folksy depths of the Midwest, Nice Fish is a unique portrayal of a friendship forged out of boredom, bad jokes, and an ability to wait for a really nice fish. Nice Fish premiered at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge Massachusetts, directed by Claire van Kampen; played to rave reviews in a sold-out extended run in New York in February 2016 at St. Ann’s Warehouse, starring Mark Rylance and Jim Lichtscheidl, and featuring Louis Jenkins; and transferred to London for a run in the West End at the Harold Pinter Theatre, beginning in November 2016.
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