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Shapeshifter - cover


Hannah L. Corrie

Publisher: Hannah L. Corrie

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Kelaste DeLargo is a cat-shapeshifter with no knowledge as to how he came to be this way and a bleak existence as the miserable, unwanted, drug-addicted son of one of the richest men in all of Babylon City. When he meets Noom- mercenary extraordinaire and bad person to the boot- in the worst possible circumstances, all his mundane problems dissipate beneath the sudden realization that someone out there wants him dead. Although narcissistic Noom is supposed to kill Kel, the violent mercenary is confronted with a strange pull towards waifish, skittish Kelaste and can't bring himself to pull the trigger. This puts him in a bind: not only does he not know who might want to kill Kel, but there is also a time limit on the contract. If Noom wants to save his strange new friend, he himself will become a target, something he managed to avoid in the past. 
His growing attraction to his captive isn’t the only chink in Noom’s plan, though. Noom is confronted with a much bigger problem: The man he desires isn't human and will probably cost him his life. Already, other assassins have picked up the call to arms, closing in on them and tightening the proverbial noose around Noom’s neck. 
With time running out, Noom has to decide; is he really willing to risk his life?

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    Box Lunch - Emily brings her son something sweet to eat.
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    He wants to bring her to justice, but the secrets she holds may be the end of him.  
    Shattered by the death of his cousin, Gideon Wells, the Earl of Flint, is determined to prove his cousin’s widow is the one responsible. When Amelia Montgomery finally returns to town on the arm of her new lover, Gideon vows to bring her to justice. But getting close to her sparks a hunger that he can’t ignore. As he begins to uncover the truth about Amelia, he encounters an evil more sinister than he ever imagined. Can he destroy the threat or will he suffer the same fate as his cousin? 
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  • Harder! Mom Said (Outrageous Annotated Edition) - cover

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    Kathy Andrews

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    The seething passions that lurk within many mothers are often hidden beneath veneers of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting conditions. What can a son do to sufficiently tempt his mom? What mechanisms must a son employ to trigger his mother's seething taboo passions sufficiently to allow him the forbidden sexual access he craves? His method, though incestuous, may well be considered unusual or shocking, but is nonetheless successful.
    “Joey, do you have a sister?” she asked.
    He turned dark in color and didn't say anything. Sabrina knew then. She laughed—a low, husky, erotic sound.
    “That's nice, Joey,” she whispered throatily, “to have a sister who loves to suck your cock.”
    She twisted about until she had her head resting on her son's thighs. She drew his cock close to her face, nuzzling it at her cheek, looking at Joey. “I suck my son's cock all the time, Joey. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. If your sister enjoys sucking you and you like it, don't be ashamed.”
    “I'm not supposed to tell, that's all,” Joey said.
    “You didn't tell, honey,” she soothed, then turned her mouth to Brien's cock and rubbed the dripping piss hole about her lips. “You didn't tell us anything. I just guessed.”
    Sabrina ran her tongue along the hard shaft of her son's cock, feeling it hot on the flat surface. She twisted it about the smoothly swollen head, her eyes burning into Joey's. It gave her a thrill to be seen licking at her son's cock and the knowledge that this boy's sister was sucking him off sent ripples of excitement through her. Lying on her back, her head turned toward her son's cock, Sabrina spread her legs wide. She ran her tongue about her son's cock eagerly but keeping her burning eyes on Joey. She moved a hand down her flat stomach and rubbed at her wet cunt. Taking her son's cock between her lips, she sucked at the head for a moment or so, then pulled off.
    “Joey, eat my pussy,” she said softly but urgently, lifting her crotch up. “Lick my cunt, Joey. My pussy is so hairy and wet and hot and it loves to get licked. You suck my cunt, Joey and I'll suck your cock off.”
    Sabrina giggled as the boy hurriedly moved between her thighs, knowing this would not bet the first time he tongued a cunt. Perhaps he was tongue-fucking his sister while she sucked on his prick. She arched her crotch up as Joey leaned down and when his tongue lapped up and down the wet, hair-lined cunt lips, Sabrina squealed with delight. She turned her head to her son's cock, saying, “Oooo, suck that wet cunt, Joey! Suck me good and you get the next blow job.”
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    Amber FoxxFire, Jez Bestiality

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    Stopped by the K-9 Cop, I wasn’t forced to do what the beast ordered me to. I could’ve paid my fine like a good citizen. But I chose not to. The massive, muscular animal had his way with me and gave me exactly what I had never known I needed. What even my boyfriend couldn’t give me.
    I yelped as I was slammed into hard concrete. A large dog stood over me, his lips peeled back exposing his gleaming fangs.
    "What is your name, citizen?" The voice of the canine snarled as I attempted to catch my breath.
    "Linda," I managed to gasp as I rolled over and looked into his burning, lust-filled eyes.
    "How old are you?" He snapped, his fangs inches from my throat.
    "I'm 18-years old, almost 19." I told him, trembling like a frightened puppy about to be whipped.
    "You stole a bracelet and you must pay for it." He growled, glaring me in the eyes as my heart thundered in my ears.
    An strange emotion shot through me, one I only have when around a real alpha male.
    I couldn't understand it. He was a dog! Did I have the hots for a dog?
    Stopped by the K-9 Cop, I was forced to do what the beast ordered me to. I didn’t have a choice. There was no way I could pay that exorbitant fine. There was another option, however…
    I had to let the large German Shepherd force me to the ground and rape me until my cunt was overflowing with his delicious doggy seed. I’d never felt so humiliated in my life. I was, however, a bit curious…
    Licking my ruby lips, I reached for his red-hot cock that strained to reach my outstretched fingers. It was so long and thick and that excited me to no end. I'd always loved big cocks and this was the biggest I'd ever seen.
    I licked the tip of his dick and then sucked it into my mouth. It was the weirdest sensation. Slowly, I went down his shaft, then back up and loved it when I heard him groan.
    This encouraged me as I circled his throbbing dick with my tongue. I flick it over his meat pole, enjoying the feel of it in my mouth.
    With a powerful thrust, he slammed his shaft deep down my throat with such force that it took me completely by surprise.
    He forced himself down my throat and it felt so hot to be his dog toy. He was so forceful and in control of the situation that my pussy buzzed with sexual lust.
    I yielded to his mastery, it was too deep inside my being to resist. Feeling my desires rush through me like an inferno, I knew I'd do whatever it took to serve him.
    I felt my cunt roar for his masterful dick to be plunged into her. Like me, my cunt needed to feel a dominant male in her controlling her completely.
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  • Yield: In His Service - In His Service #1 - cover

    Yield: In His Service - In His...

    Simone Marceau

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    Lizzie Reese has a problem: she needs a job to pay the bills, and her passion for the cello hasn’t prepared her for many options. When she finds herself at the doorstep of the wealthy Alexander Griffin’s high-class art gallery, she’s more than willing to do what it takes to please the stern, demanding man in exchange for work.
    	When his domineering nature prompts her to rebel, a spark ignites between them. Lizzie doesn’t quite understand his power over her... but she finds herself helpless to resist. Mr. Griffin seems equally unsettled, and none-too-happy about how she makes him lose control.
    	Lizzie is too stubborn to give up and Mr. Griffin too intrigued to back off, but they come from different worlds. Will they learn to understand each other before it’s too late?
    	She gasped as he pushed her up against the counter. His slender fingers trailed down her arm and over her hand, encircled the neck of the bottle, and wrenched it from her. He slammed it down in front of her. His body was warm against her back. Lizzie couldn’t stop herself from trembling.
    	“What... what’s wrong?” she asked quietly.
    	“What do you think you’re doing?” he hissed hotly against her ear. Her hair rose on end. Tingles of aroused terror shivered through her.
    	“I don’t know what you mean,” she said.
    	“This,” he tilted the water up to her, “is room temperature. And it is still in the bottle.”
    	His voice was charged with more energy than she had ever heard it. She stared ahead at the wall, afraid to move. His long, muscled arms held the countertop and bottle, trapping her between them. A familiar ache began to spread between her legs.
    	“Don’t move.”
    	His presence vanished behind her and she exhaled a shuddering breath. Lizzie heard the refrigerator open, followed by the clink of glass and metal. He returned and placed a chilled bottle of sparkling water down on the counter. His body pressed against her again. She gasped audibly. Warmth tingled over her body. Her head spun in confusion and excitement.
    	He pulled open the cupboard above.
    	“Take down the glass and the platter,” he demanded.
    	Lizzie looked up and saw several crystal glasses and some silver pieces. She took down a glass and a platter.
    	“Now fill the glass,” he whispered so close she could feel his lips brush her ear, “put it on the platter, and carefully carry it out to our very rich and important client.”
    	She nodded numbly and took a deep breath. Even the small expansion of her ribcage narrowed the small gap between their bodies and pressed them closer. Lizzie put the glass on the platter and poured the cold water into it.
    	Warm hands squeezed her shoulders.
    	“Very good,” he murmured. She closed her eyes and bit her lip.
    	Then suddenly, he was gone, his shoes tapping lightly across the floor back out to the main area.
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  • Immortal Women Eternal Love - A Supernatural Anthology - cover

    Immortal Women Eternal Love - A...

    Alana Church

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    It's out of this world! For the first time, author Alana Church bundles four of her tales of the supernatural! Angels, aliens, ghosts, and sexy shapeshifters! They all have one thing on their minds! To find a willing human. And these humans are VERY willing!
    ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
    From "Star Seed":
    "Chara, when we first met, I called myself Estelle DeLight," Andi said with nervous honesty. "After that, when you guessed my nickname, I let you call me Andi. But my name, my true name, is Andromeda Estelle Selene. I don't know what my parents were thinking. It always made me wonder if they'd gotten high the night they chose my name. But I was named for the stars. Andromeda is our name for the closest galaxy to ours.
    "I am not sure whether it's fate, or simply coincidence. But I love you. I want to be with you. Before you leave me, I want to be your lover."
    Chara's lips curved in a secret smile. Without speaking a word, she dropped her towel and walked to Andi. Her hands brushed across her hips and shoulders, and suddenly her bikini vanished. With a tiny pop of displaced air, it reappeared, neatly folded, on a chair nearby. 
    Andi swallowed. "Well. That seems to be a useful trick." She was proud that no sign of a quaver entered her voice.
    "Indeed," said Chara. With no warning at all, she was nude as well, her swimsuit vanishing as if it had never existed. Her eyes gleamed with amusement as Andi's eyes widened. "Which also means the trick works for us both." She stepped into Andi's arms. She closed her eyes against a wave of emotion. "Andromeda," she said musingly. "It fits you, my love. Bold and beautiful, and unexpectedly complex." Her arms tightened around Andi's waist. "But I must confess," she said, her eyes glinting. "I have not had intercourse in this form. You will have to be my guide."
    Andi looked down between their bodies. Their breasts brushed against each other lightly, and she shook with the depth of her desire for this wonderful creature. "I feel...tingly," Chara said softly. "In my belly. Whenever I look at you. I know your society has a taboo against public nudity, but when we are together I want to take my clothes off and touch myself. Especially here." Her hands drifted down to her groin. There was a soft strip of fuzz which matched the hair on her head, tightly curled. "And I want to touch you as well. All over. It hurts to pull myself away when we are close."
    Andi smiled. For one of the few times since she had met Chara, she felt on firm ground. She placed her hand over Chara's. "That is one of our erogenous zones, sweetie. Women have many. Far more than men, poor things." She stroked Chara's shoulders, feeling her fever-hot skin. She wanted to wrap her body around herself, to bask in her glow. "Don't hold back on my account. Do what feels good."
    "Really?" Chara looked up gratefully. With a groan, she spread her legs.
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