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Penguins Hate Stuff - cover

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Penguins Hate Stuff

Greg Stones

Publisher: Chronicle Books LLC

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From the adorable to the absurd, these playful paintings are a penguin lover’s delight. 
Penguins hate zombies. They also hate serpents, bad haircuts, sock monkeys, leprechauns, Halloween, oil rigs, vampire penguins, and mermaids. They really hate clowns, but they really like capes, balloons, and free vacations. 
This quirky collection reveals the discriminating tastes of these adorable flightless Antarctic birds who encounter odd foes (snow sharks, beavers, cowboys, samurai . . .), but still manage to enjoy the little things in life. With wit, humor, and the occasional alien invasion, Greg Stones’s paintings capture the playfully absurd life of penguins. 
Praise for Greg Stones 
“Stones’s panels have a cool way of collectively turning a grin into a chuckle (and perhaps, dare it be said, into a hearty guffaw).” —Publishers Weekly
Available since: 07/16/2013.
Print length: 65 pages.

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    Computer Science Textbook Designed for Joyful Learning 
    - National Education Policy 2020 
    - Find on Google: This section asks a quick question from the present world. 
    - Pure Fact: This presents a 100% pure fact with a numerical data. 
    - Video Based Question: This is an interactive question to be attempted after watching a small video accessible on the QR Code. 
    - Coding Zone: This presents a quick insight into coding concepts. 
    - Career Here: This section indicates the possible career aspects on pursuing similar topics. 
    Computers, owing to their extensive usefulness and versatility, continue to pave their path into every business, industry and research activity today. Be it entertainment, education, problem-solving, research and decision-making, or home and personal management, data banks, communication and message services, etc., they have become literally indispensable in our daily operations. This makes thorough education on the subject of computers essential across the world. 
    Trackpad PRO Version 5.0, a computer book series for grades I to VIII, is designed to build a strong foundation for students about to enter the fascinating world of computer technology. With Trackpad, the process of discovery is bound to be equally enjoyable and educational, as the series is written in a friendly and engaging style, which will spark the interest of students of all skill sets. 
    Based on Windows 11 and Microsoft Office 2021, this series has all that is required to ensure that the students understand and retain what they have read. 
    The books ensure up-to-date coverage of contemporary computer concepts and most widely used software packages. The series begin to explore the subject of Artificial Intelligence from grade III itself and each grade has four Periodic Assessments & two Test Sheets for evaluation of students’ learning. Grade I and II books have four-line writing space each to inculcate the love for writing and enhance writing skills in children. 
    I would like to gratefully acknowledge the support provided by my family and friends.I sincerely trust that this book will assist the students in their growth and learning. 
    Wish you a happy and fruitful learning! 
    You will learn about: 
    - Critical Thinking 
    - Creativity 
    - Communication 
    - Collaboration, Information Literacy 
    - Leadership & Responsibility 
    - Social Interaction, Productivity & Accountability Social Interaction 
    Grade - 8 
    1. Networking Concepts 
    2. Introduction to Photoshop 2021 
    3. More on Photoshop 2021 
    4. Dynamic Web Pages in HTML5 
    5. Latest IT Trends 
    6. Cloud Computing 
    7. Control Structures in Python 
    8. Functions, String and List in Python 
    9. Artificial Intelligence and its Domains 
    10. Fields of Artificial Intelligence 
    11. Introduction to SDGs and Data Science 
    Techipedia (Microsoft Makecode Arcade) 
    Techipedia (Krita)) 
    OGO Cyber Sample Questions
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    Bessie Busy Bee finds herself in a scary situation. She has to make serious decisions. Her eyesight seems to be declining. Will Bessie Busy Bee loose her place in the Hive Community? Will she give up or face those challenges'?
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  • Once a Wolf - The Science Behind Our Dogs' Astonishing Genetic Evolution - cover

    Once a Wolf - The Science Behind...

    Bryan Sykes

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    The author of Seven Daughters of Eve returns with a lively account of how all dogs are descended from a mere handful of wolves.How did wolves evolve into dogs? When did this happen, and what role did humans play? Oxford geneticist Bryan Sykes used the full array of modern technology to explore the canine genetic journey that likely began when a human child decided to adopt a wolf cub thousands of years ago. In the process, he discovered that only a handful of genes have created the huge range of shapes, sizes, and colors in modern dogs.Providing scientific insight into these adaptive stages, Sykes focuses attention on our own species and how our own evolution from (perhaps equally aggressive) primates was enhanced by this most unlikely ally.Whether examining our obsession with canine purity or delving into the prehistoric past to answer the most fundamental question of all, "Why do we love our dog so much?," Once a Wolf is an engaging work no dog lover or ancestry aficionado should be without.
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