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Ultimate Keto Fasting Clarity Guide - Complete Beginner’s Plan to Quick Weight Loss by Intermittent Fasting on a Ketogenic Diet - cover

Ultimate Keto Fasting Clarity Guide - Complete Beginner’s Plan to Quick Weight Loss by Intermittent Fasting on a Ketogenic Diet

Eric Moore

Publisher: Bro Books

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Are you looking for a new way to become healthier and lose weight?
If yes then you’ve already heard a ton of reasons why one particular diet or another will work, but chances are you’ve tried many of them and gotten a few lasting results. And here you are, yet again, looking for another alternative that is worth your time.
Also have you heard about Intermittent Fasting but when you ask someone about it they think you are crazy?
If so, the problem might not be what you are eating, but rather when you are eating it. A new, better kind of fasting is the solution to your weight loss problems, and Ultimate Keto Fasting Clarity Guide is here to help.
In this book, we are not going to villainize many of the foods you have grown to love. We are not going to restrict you to a minimal caloric intake, nor are we going to have you weighing food so that you don’t eat one gram over your allowance.
In fact, you can eat ANYTHING you want, no need to deprive yourself ever!
Introducing... Intermittent Fasting on a Ketogenic Diet
A revolutionary weightloss system to melt fat, reboot your metabolism and boost your quality of life to extraordinary new heights
Discover How to use the Power of Fasting to Lose Weight, Burn Fat, and Become A Healthier You
When you have to do those things, dieting becomes a horrible chore, it becomes boring and painful. Instead, we are going to go back to the basics and teach you how to lay a solid foundation for your health and your life. 
Together, we will discuss:
The fundamentals of a Keto diet
How to understand your metabolism better
How intermittent fasting works
Why these two work so well together
How insulin in your body works
How to get started on this groundbreaking nutrition plan
Why you need to stop listening to all the diet hype
Once you understand how the body works to process the foods you eat, you will be able to adapt to a whole new way of eating that will be both rewarding and exciting.
If you are ready to start shedding unwanted fat today, scroll up and click “Buy Now” right away!

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    (1)  Unlike other books, this book is not merely  the compilation of some Indian recipes. It explains the  basic principles of Indian cooking and the role of spices and additives in it so that the reader would be able to formulate the recipe of the dish of his own liking.  (2)  The authors take the reader to ordinary Indian  kitchen by describing utensils, ingredients  (including herbs, spices and condiments ) and cooking techniques.  (3) The book  describes the most common food  cooked in Indian homes . The recipes are simple and  easy to follow  and additional useful information is given in the Notes.  (4) The Indians are fond of sweet dishes so the book describes four  categories of sweet dishes which can be cooked by the reader easily.  (5) The book is profusely illustrated by full page colored images of all the dishes.
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    For Nina Kaul, food isnt just eating or entertaining, its how she
    shows love. Her food isnt just creativity mixed with tradition, its a story
    and a smile. She wants to impart Indian history through her food to
    her readers. She is a loving mom who passes and shows love to her
    family and friends through food.
    Traveling and living in many different countries has given her the
    opportunity to learn and believe that food indeed brings different
    cultures together. With that desire she hopes and wishes that her
    readers will enjoy and have fun cooking from her book. This book isnt
    just meant to help you cook a great Indian dinner, but also a way to
    share creativity, tradition, stories, smiles and love.
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