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Emotional Copywriting - The Psychology Behind the Persuasion - cover

Emotional Copywriting - The Psychology Behind the Persuasion

Emanuele M. Barboni Dalla Costa

Publisher: Publishdrive

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“Intercept unconscious desires, leverage emotions, and craft effective copy that audiences won’t be able to miss.”
The tiny (but incredibly powerful) manual that has already ignited the intuition of over 500 students. Revolutionize your creative and business writing technique in just over an hour: discover the “primal” needs of any reader and intercept their unconscious desires through the strategic and psychological use of your words.
What is Emotional Copywriting?
Intercepting Needs: Curiosity, Independence, Power, Savings, Acceptance
The Triggers of Competition, Family, Idealism, Honor and Social Contact
The Triggers of Status, Tranquility, Exercise, Romance and Serenity
Goals, Objections, Targets, Storytelling, Justifying with Logic and Empathy
Emotional and Logical Techniques Urgency, Comparison, Figures, CTAs, Questions and Guide the Reader
Trifecta Neuro Affective, Emotional Engagement, Testimonials and Message Personalization
Text Structure, Types, Concepts, Scaling and Creative Block Techniques
Writing for the Web: How to Be Read in the Ocean of the Internet".
Online Writing Challenges
Working with Securities
SEO Copywriting
Social Media Storytelling
Introduction to online storytelling and fields of application
Emotional message, value proposition, and narrative processes
Choose the correct language register
Web Content Editor
How Long Should a Post Be?
Simple Verbs, Active Forms, String Text
Ask Engaging Questions
Available since: 02/27/2022.

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    As a leader, a coach is the most significant role you can play. Discover how coaching makes developing people a high-payoff activity where you can equip tomorrow’s leaders, today. 
    As a coach to some of the country’s highest-profile executives, Daniel Harkavy has witnessed the transformation - both professional and personal - that comes when leaders utilize coaching to turn their paycheck-driven teams into cultures of vibrant and successful growth.  
    Since founding his company Building Champions Inc. in 1996, Harkavy and his team have coached thousands and shared their knowledge by certifying coaching leaders across the country. Now, in this strategic and thought-provoking guide, he shares his proven strategy for improving your team’s performance while raising quality of life inside and outside of the office.  
    In Becoming a Coaching Leader, you will learn:the core four foundations to every coaching strategy,the most powerful leadership tools you can and should leverage,and the key behaviors and disciplines of successful coaching leaders. 
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    However, even if the numbers look incredible, big brands and companies have not saturated the entire market yet. Why? Because they have still to shift their focus from old school tactics to powerful social media strategies. This allows retailers and new entrepreneurs to take full advantage of users' attention, which is greatly underpriced at this moment.  
    You have to act fast, because once big companies start to deploy large sums of money into the digital space, it will be almost impossible for the average Joe to start a profitable online business.  
    This is why you need to start today, following the right strategies that teach you how to actually monetize your online presence. 
    The beauty of social media marketing is that it can be done with little money. Being able to position yourself effectively is the best way to assure your business a long lasting success and this book will show you how to do it! 
    Each strategy will be explained step by step with one goal in mind: monetization! 
    It is time to turn their attention into sales! 
    Click “Buy Now” and get this book today!
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