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Deflowered In The Office - cover

Deflowered In The Office

Daniella Fetish

Publisher: 25 Eagles Romance

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Cindy is a virgin, and being a good girl she wants to save her first time for a loving husband.
However when times are tough and she’s running out of money, her friend’s extremely powerful boss makes her an offer – give up her virginity to him, and he’ll give her $100,000. She never would have considered it normally, but it’s too much money to turn down even if it means she has to drop to her knees under his desk.
The only question is, will it even fit?

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    In part 1 Penelope's Promises, John watches his wife satisfy fantasy number one.
    The 1st book of a series.
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    Reed, an aging Navy Seal, returns home to care for his father who is dying from ALS. At seventeen, when he enlisted into the Navy program his father labeled him a failurea name tag he would carry in his heart and mind all the time he served. When he joined the Navy Seal program he vowed not to quit the rugged training and duty to prove to his father that he wasnt a failure as he predicted, but a brave combatant. 
    His training as a Navy Seal toughened his muscles and sense of urgencies to defeat his enemies in battle. And as a combatant, he became a leader of men, but it hadnt prepare him for the complex International mental games he would encounter in his future career working as an operative for a splinter CIA Company. 
    Romance eluded him, but his persistence to overcome his romantic shortfalls left him chasing ways to impress a woman who continually bested him in a language exchange.
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