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Pawns of Destruction - cover

Pawns of Destruction

CJ Lyons

Publisher: Edgy Reads

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A heroic teenage girl’s adventure through time continues in the thrilling finale of the trilogy that’s “The Wizard of Oz meets Star Wars” (Hugh Howey, New York Times–bestselling author). Annie has embraced her Meta-self, realizing that only by accepting who she is can she save the world and prevent more destruction and unnecessary deaths. She also reluctantly accepts the help of her new friends—Killian, Revv, Blake, and N-8—despite the fact that there is a very good chance none of them will survive. The Meta in her could calculate the overwhelming odds against them making it to Delphi’s underground fortress alive, but the girl in Annie prefers to ignore the odds and focus on their mission to cross the Burning Waters, make it past the other Metas and Delphi’s security, and then use the Key to stop Delphi from continuing to collapse timelines. She knows there’s no way they’ll all make it out alive. Her plan is to make sure that if anyone must die to save the world and stop Delphi, it will be Annie. Annie might no longer be human, but she’s still the same girl who sacrificed herself to save her little brother. Annie clings to that, it’s the only piece of her real self left. If she can save her friends along with the universe, then her death won’t be for nothing . . . she hopes. Now, as every plan she’s made suddenly goes wrong, Annie and each of her friends must choose: themselves or the universe? Time is running out and there are no futures left to steal . . .
Available since: 02/02/2017.
Print length: 240 pages.

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