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50 Crazy Funny Short Novels for Adults - True and Insane Tales for the Mature - cover

50 Crazy Funny Short Novels for Adults - True and Insane Tales for the Mature

Christian Stahl

Publisher: Publishdrive

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Have you been feeling overly stressed lately? Give yourself a break from your nuclear surroundings to have a read and crack a smile.
With this book you can cheer up and discover:
* That there is evidence and insight that certain sea creatures had sex with a human.
* Why having dementia can be a good thing if you're up to no good.
* How some kids believe in fortunetellers. 
* Why it is useful to have an eccentric uncle in the Texas Panhandle.
* Why you should avoid having adventures in a sauna.
50 Entertaining Funny Short Novels for Adults is a massive and beautifully woven together collection of the funniest and true-to-life stories our mother Earth has to offer. 
People do the craziest things, mostly out of sheer natural stupidity, and this book shows stories born in madness, the craziest misadventures and hysterical anecdotes that will make your stomach clench with laughter; you also will be exposed to weird talking points and occasionally interesting insights.
This book is best suited for everyone, but mainly for mature adults. A welcome relief for long lonely nights and situations that simply require distraction. 
Keep it at home to entertain friends and family, gift it to a friend, or package it up for a still suffering creature or a long lost lover. This book will help you in many ways.
Get, or give, hours of entertainment, just scroll up and hit the buy button now!
Available since: 05/01/2022.
Print length: 254 pages.

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