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Westward Hoes - Boxed Set - Westward Hoes - cover

Westward Hoes - Boxed Set - Westward Hoes

Chera Zade

Publisher: Chera Zade

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Hot Romance and Steamy Encounters! 
In Railed on the Oregon Trail, Part I, Mademoiselle Broussard and her women of pleasure pack up their saddlebags to travel the Oregon Trail during the Gold Rush migration. Leaving their old ways behind in Boston, they travel in style to begin new lives as women of leisure in San Francisco. But the long days of the journey are fraught with perils - both from the land, and of the heart. On the way, they meet a gang of rugged, hard Cowboys, who take them on tumultuous and passionate rides of ecstasy, sensual pleasures and all the excitement you have come to expect from the Wild West! It's a rootin' tootin' romp of randy wrangling. Learn the hopes and dreams, the sometimes sordid and always enticing pasts of this group of sophisticated women. Follow their loves and losses, feel the agony of separation from their true soulmates, and cheer as they conquer the myriad obstacles between them and their Destiny.You'll be roped into the story, as you experience the dramatic romantic adventures of these intrepid ladies on their exciting Western Adventure! 
In Railed on the Oregon Trail, Part II, Busty Inga aches for the Cowboys to satisfy her as they had they last time! 
Mademoiselle Broussard and her women of pleasure continue their arduous journey West. Traveling the Oregon Trail during the Gold Rush migration, their coach and wagons are the center of Cowboy attention. But, several of the young women, and even the good Madame herself, are haunted by their past loves. As they travel in style to begin new lives as women of leisure in San Francisco their gang of rugged, hard Cowboys will take them again and again on the passionate rides of unbridled sexual pleasures you have come to expect from the wild Western Hoes! Follow Mme. Broussard's trip into her memories, and learn who broke her heart! The exciting action then continues on the trail, as young, buxom Inga follows her secret desire to be roughly taken by the Cowboys! And finally, meet the other woman in Captain Harker's life! Will she come between him and the good Madame? Can they come to another arrangement, or is the Madame in for yet another heartbreak?. 
In Railed on the Oregon Trail, Part III, Mademoiselle Broussard and her women of pleasure continue their adventures in the Wild Sexy West! Traveling the Oregon Trail during the Gold Rush migration, their coach and wagons are the center of welcome Cowboy attention. 
In Rawhide, Mme. Broussard has found herself in love with the rugged Cowboy, a former soldier with an enigmatic past. An athletic man, heis the leader of a team of Alpha cowpokes.This gang of rugged, hard Cowboys will take the women of the caravan again and again on the passionate rides of unbridled sexual pleasures you have come to expect from the wanton and wild Western Hoes! 
The second tale in this Volume is Scrimshaw and takes another trip into Mme. Broussard's past, where she meets her sexual match! You'll be amazed and delighted at this tale of whalers, romance and the sensuality found when the Madame gives herself over to complete surrender! 
Enjoy detailed scenes of multiple partners, hard unprotected sex, and sensuous romantic interludes. Your soul will burn with the branding iron of desire, and you'll crave even more when you enter their romantic, sexy and sultry world! 
NOTE: This boxed set is a collection of all three books of the series.

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