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Hedon Knights 4 Book Bundle - cover

Hedon Knights 4 Book Bundle

Chera Zade, Hedon Press

Publisher: Steamy-eReads

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Knight Ride: 
This is one night he should not have left her alone. 
Flora is only one of many trophies her husband keeps locked away in his castle. Unlike those he catches during the hunt, Flora has needs which her husband hasn't concerned himself with satisfying in far too long. 
The young bastard knight, new to her husbands ranks, is the only man who is more intrigued with her beauty than with horses and steel. 
After another failed yet valiant attempt at flirtation with her Lord, Flora is left behind in the stables with the new bastard. This is one Knight he should not have left her alone with. 
Claiming the Maiden: 
A maiden is no match for a Norman knight. 
The Maid 
Orphaned at Lancaut Castle as a young child and put to work as a chambermaid, Brenna learns at a tender age that life for a female peasant in a medieval fortress is anything but safe. But when the Lord and Lady of the castle both pass away without an heir, Brenna's life may be changed irrevocably by the arrival of a dark and enigmatic knight claiming to be their successor.  
The Man  
After losing both his cousin and his king in battle, the haunted and brooding Norman knight, Williame le Mareschal returns to England to fulfill his family obligations and claim his inheritance at Lancaut Castle. But when he arrives, he finds himself inextricably attracted to the one woman he cannot touch and forced to choose between his honor and his heart.  
Their Love  
Brenna struggles to keep the castle running and the other servants fed as the ancient fortress falls into ruin around her. 
Is the nebulous Williame le Mareschal just another sinister marauder like all the rest, bent on possessing her body against her volition? Or can she trust the dangerous stranger to find pleasure in his arms and discover a love to last?  
Forcing Her Ladyship: 
He will force his revenge. 
She will conquer his passions. 
Determined to exact revenge for the murder of his brother, the fierce and ruthless knight, Trent Donovan, kidnaps the daughter of his most hated adversary and inflames the centuries-old feud between the two noble families.  
Born into a world of war and turmoil called the Dark Ages, young beauty Rowena Morrigan has led a sheltered life safely ensconced in her father's castle. When her band of knights is attacked by her father's foes en route to her betrothal, Rowena is taken captive by the infamous Lord Donovan, who will stop at nothing to have his vengeance.  
Fearing for her life, Rowena must fight to keep her innocence while locked in Lord Donovan's bedchamber in chains. Will her fiery determination to protect her virtue be enough to resist his unwavering pursuit to possess her mind, body, and soul – or will she succumb to his spellbinding charms and relentless seduction to find rapture in the arms of her worst enemy, and create a love to last for all time? 
Resisting the Hammer: 
This time, she will resist him — whatever the cost. 
This is the game they play. Charles the Hammer Martel has returned home from war, and his bloodlust has fueled his passions. A great hall full of willing women, and yet, the most powerful man in all of Europe has eyes for only one. 
Melisandra fills his knights' cups and refuses to meet The Hammer's advances. There is only one thing to do with such a willful wench. With the help of his trusted knights, The Hammer restrains his headstrong maid and takes her for all to witness — rough and unprotected.

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