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Better than one - cover

Better than one

Charlie Sweeters

Publisher: Charlie Sweeters

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Two is company, three is a party…
Birthday presents often come in various shapes and sizes. Some are good, others are bland and forgettable, but a very few others are extremely unforgettable, no matter how hard you tried.
Carl has always dreamed of getting properly dominated by a sexy Dom who knows the deal.
However, nothing prepared Carl for the best present of his life. An intense session with two Doms, Daryl and Tania, will leave him completely at their mercy…
Just the way he liked it.
His two Doms will give him a birthday to remember, only if he’s good. And it’s hard to remain good when he was being teased senseless by two sexy Doms who knew what they were doing. The experience will force him to reach deep inside to discover the grace and inner strength necessary for true submission.
Better than One is a steamy romance novel that will keep you up well past your bedtime. This title contains erotic situations, graphic language, threesome, menage erotica, spanking, domination, submission, and an office romance hot enough to leave hickeys! If you’re fan of titillating BDSM romance, you’re definitely going to love this book!
Click the link above to download your copy of Better than One to take part in the best naughty birthday gift ever!

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    	Rex arrived, early as usual, despite not having gotten much sleep the night before. Looking around the stables, there was a conspicuous absence - Whisky wasn’t there. Oh no. Clay! It had barely been a couple of hours since he was there last night. He ran out of the stables, looking around for Clay. The vast expanse of the estate swirled around him but he couldn’t see Clay anywhere.
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    	It was all over.
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    Dаnа Lеstеr wаs on hеr knееs, sprеаd widе for bаlаncе in thе old cushy chаir.  Hеr right shouldеr wаs down аgаinst thе bаck аs shе turnеd hеr hеаd аnd lookеd аt mе. Shе hаd this fаint shy sеxy smilе on hеr lips.
    I wаs frozеn likе а dееr in thе hеаdlights. 
    I wаs finding it hаrd to brеаth аnd I kеpt licking my lips. I wаs hot. Thе fаct thаt shе wаs just еightееn аnd my bеst customеrs dаughtеr, аll wаrrеd with this urgе. Thе lаst pаrt of thаt wаs thе mаin problеm, thаt аnd thе fаct thаt wе wеrе in his housе аnd hе wаs homе. 
    I wаs supposеd to bе fixing thе fаmily computеrs аnd Dаnа's wаs thе lаst….
    What would you do?
    Gеt “Lаst Housе Cаll” right now!
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