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How to Survive a Pandemic - The Leading Prepper’s Guide to Surviving an Outbreak of Global Scale - cover

How to Survive a Pandemic - The Leading Prepper’s Guide to Surviving an Outbreak of Global Scale

Beau Griffin

Publisher: Publishdrive

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The Ultimate Guide to Surviving a Global Pandemic
How are you and your family going to make it through a global pandemic? Do you have the supplies, training, shelter options and protection to make it through healthy and safe?
With this book, the answer is yes.

In the wake of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus that is still sweeping across the world, many of us are worrying what we will do to make sure we can survive it or any other pandemics that may follow it.
This isn’t the first global pandemic by far, but it’s giving us all an eye-opening experience of what havoc a deadly disease can wreak on our heavily connected global society.
You don’t need to wait for your government to call for a lockdown before you prepare. You can be ready long before the first signs of a pandemic begin to appear in your region, you can still prepare even if your area has already been hit, and you can keep yourself and your family safe for as long as it lasts.

Start preparing now
This book will show you how to adapt your home and life right now so that you are better prepared to make it through the lockdown. Make your preparations now – don’t wait for everyone else to panic before you stock up on supplies. And if they are already panicking? There are still steps you can take to prepare.

Make your plans
Your biggest challenge is going to be a safe shelter in which to hunker down until the pandemic passes and you are once again safe to come into contact with other people. This book will help you decide whether to shelter in place or seek a more remote shelter for the duration.

Prepare your survival shelter
This book will help you figure out exactly how prepared you need to be. Discover:
• What kinds of supplies you will need to ensure your health and safety
• How to make sure you never lose access to food and water
• How to stock your pantry with more than just edibles, but also concerns such as sanitation and medical supplies

Get the right gear
To make sure you are safe no matter how bad things get, this book will show you how to:
• Defend your shelter from unwanted intruders
• Protect yourself from attack
• Keep yourself fed and watered even once your supplies begin to run out.

Find out more about how a pandemic spreads
Using pandemics like COVID-19, Spanish flu and ebola as examples, this book will give you an insight into how a disease spreads around the globe, how it affects infrastructure and why an illness is a disaster for far more reasons than just the symptoms themselves.

Keep your loved ones safe, no matter the disaster
With the advice in this book, you will feel confident in making the right decisions for you and your family.
You will know:
• What resources are available around you and how best to make use of them
• How to figure out the best time to react to the news that the novel coronavirus has arrived in your region
• When to bug out or lock down to protect yourself from the spread.

Start preparing right now, before disaster hits!
Reading this book will give you all the information you need to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.

Start your preparations right now. Pick up your copy today!
Available since: 04/12/2022.
Print length: 87 pages.

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