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The Ultimate Book Club: 180 Books You Should Read (Vol2) - Life is a Dream The Awakening Babbitt Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Sense and Sensibility - cover

The Ultimate Book Club: 180 Books You Should Read (Vol2) - Life is a Dream The Awakening Babbitt Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Sense and Sensibility

Anonymous, Edgar Allan Poe, Pedro Calderón de la Barca, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Alexandre Dumas, Bram Stoker, Jonathan Swift, Joseph Conrad, Daniel Defoe, Washington Irving, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry James, Henrik Ibsen, Wilkie Collins, D.H. Lawrence, FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Anthony Trollope, Laozi Laozi, Kate Chopin, James Fenimore Cooper, Ann Ward Radcliffe, Laurence Sterne, George MacDonald, Lewis Wallace, Robert Louis Stevenson, William Dean Howells, Honoré de Balzac, Emile Zola, Henry Fielding, George Bernard Shaw, Benjamin Franklin, Theodor Storm, Willa Cather, Edith Wharton, Edgar Wallace, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Nikolai Leskov, Sinclair Lewis, Ivan Turgenev, G.K. Chesterton, J. M. Barrie, Virginia Woolf, John Buchan, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Rabindranath Tagore, Jerome K. Jerome, W. B. Yeats, Kenneth Grahame, Kakuzo Okakura, Kurt Vonnegut, E.M. Forster, H. G. Wells, Nikolai Gogol, William Walker Atkinson, Elizabeth von Arnim, Victor Hugo, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Cao Xueqin, Emil Coué, L. M. Montgomery, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Dante, Thomas Hardy, Valmiki, Kalidasa, Jules Verne, Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, George and Weedon Grossmith, Leo Tolstoy, Gaston Leroux, P. B. Shelley, JOHN MILTON, Machiavelli, Stendhal, Confucius, W. Somerset Maugham, Gustave Flaubert, Sir Walter Scott, Ford Madox Ford, Homer Homer

Publisher: Good Press

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The Ultimate Book Club: 180 Books You Should Read (Vol.2) heralds a grand assembly of masterpieces, weaving together a rich tapestry of literary excellence that spans centuries, continents, and genres. The collection boasts an array of literary styles, from the nuanced psychological narratives of Fyodor Dostoyevsky to the pioneering science fiction of H.G. Wells, and from the intricate social commentaries of Jane Austen to the existential musings of Friedrich Nietzsche. It cultivates an absorbing dialogue between the traditions of Western literature and the philosophical depths of Eastern works, such as those by Confucius and Laozi. Significant for its diversity and depth, the anthology showcases the evolving landscape of literary forms, capturing the universal human experience in its myriad expressions. The contributing authors and editors, each a luminary in their own right, bring to this collection an unparalleled depth of cultural, historical, and literary insight. Their backgrounds span the gamut of the 18th to 20th centuries, reflecting major literary movements from Enlightenment thought to Romanticism, Realism, and beyond. Authors like Virginia Woolf and Kafka represent the transition to Modernism, exploring new narrative techniques. Their collective works offer a panoramic view of human thought and societal developments, encapsulating pivotal moments in history and the perennial themes of love, conflict, ambition, and despair. For the ardent bibliophile, The Ultimate Book Club: 180 Books You Should Read (Vol.2) offers an unrivaled journey through the landmarks of global literature. It invites readers to immerse themselves in the richness of human expression, challenging perceptions and broadening horizons. This volume is not merely a collection of texts but a bridge connecting varied epochs, cultures, and philosophies. It stands as a testament to the enduring power of literature to illuminate the human condition, making it an essential addition to any discerning reader's collection.
Available since: 12/17/2023.
Print length: 27947 pages.

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    I've begged God for forgiveness, but I won't know till the day I die if He has truly forgiven me …
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    A “beautiful and disturbing” account of the Bosnian conflict by a war correspondent grappling with addiction and a family legacy of military heroism (The Wall Street Journal).   In an earlier era, Anthony Loyd imagines, he would have fought fascism in Spain. Instead, the twenty-six-year-old scion of a distinguished military family left England in 1993 to experience the conflict in Bosnia as a reporter. While he found his time serving in the British army during the Gulf War disappointingly uneventful, Loyd would spend the next three years documenting some of the most callous and chaotic fighting to ever occur on European soil.   Plunged into the midst of the struggle among the Serbs, Croatians, and Bosnian Muslims, Loyd saw humanity at its extremes, witnessing tragedy daily in city streets and mountain villages. Shocking yet ultimately redemptive, Loyd’s memoir is an uncompromising feat of on-the-ground reportage. But Loyd’s personal war didn’t end when he emerged from the trenches. Hooked to the adrenaline of armed combat, he returned home to continue his own longstanding battle against drug addiction.   “Battlefield reportage does not get more up close, gruesome, and personal. . . . The fear and confusion of battle are so vivid that in places, they rise like acrid smoke from the page.” —The New York Times   “This is pure war reporting, free from the usual journalistic constraints that often give a false significance to suffering.” —   “First-rate war correspondence . . . [in] the great tradition of Hemingway, Caputo, and Michael Herr.” —The Boston Globe
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  • We Were There - Voices of African American Veterans from World War II to the War in Iraq - cover

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    The Greatest Generation meets Bloods in this revealing oral history of the unrecognized contributions of African American veterans.Award-winning journalist Yvonne Latty never bothered to find out the extent of her father's service until it was almost too late. Inspired by his moving story -- and eager to uncover the little-known stories of other black veterans, from those who served in the Second World War to the War in Iraq -- Latty set about interviewing veterans of every stripe: men and women; army, navy, and air force personnel; prisoners of war; and brigadier generals.In a book that has sparked discussions in homes, schools, and churches across America, Latty, along with acclaimed photographer Ron Tarver, captures not only what was unique about the experiences of more than two dozen veterans but also why it is important for these stories to be recorded. Whether it's the story of a black medic on Omaha Beach or a nurse who ferried wounded soldiers by heli-copter to medical centers throughout Asia during the Vietnam War, We Were There is a must-have for every black home, military enthusiast, and American patriot.
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  • Top 10 Short Stories The - Western Europe - The top ten short stories of all time written by authors from Western Europe - cover

    Top 10 Short Stories The -...

    Alexandre Dumas, James Joyce, D...

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    The Top 10 – Western Europe - An Introduction 
    The West has often promoted itself as the crucible of democracy, civil society and the Arts.  The reality is far from that but its literature has, perhaps, more merit as a force for good.  Their authors use their talents wisely as they explore all manner of subjects with characters of literary brilliance. 
    Short stories have always been a sort of instant access into an author’s brain, their soul and heart.  A few pages can lift our lives into locations, people and experiences with a sweep of landscape, narration, feelings and emotions that is difficult to achieve elsewhere. 
    In this series we try to offer up tried and trusted ‘Top Tens’ across many different themes and authors. But any anthology will immediately throw up the questions – Why that story? Why that author?  
    The theme itself will form the boundaries for our stories which range from well-known classics, newly told, to stories that modern times have overlooked but perfectly exemplify the theme.  Throughout the volume our authors whether of instant recognition or new to you are all leviathans of literature. 
    Some you may disagree with but they will get you thinking; about our choices and about those you would have made.  If this volume takes you on a path to discover more of these miniature masterpieces then we have all gained something. 
    1 - The Top Ten - Western Europe - An Introduction 
    2 - The Dead - Part 1 by James Joyce 
    3 - The Dead - Part 2 by James Joyce 
    4 - The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant 
    5 - Martin Guerre - Celebrated Crimes Part 1 by Alexandre Dumas 
    6 - Martin Guerre - Celebrated Crimes Part 2 by Alexandre Dumas 
    7 - The Force of Blood by Miguel de Cervantes 
    8 - The Rocking Horse Winner by D H Lawrence 
    9 - The New Paris by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 
    10 - The Criminal from Lost Honour by Friedrich Schiller 
    11 - War by Luigi Pirandello 
    12 - Mateo Falcone by Prosper Merimee 
    13 - Markheim by Robert Louis Stevenson
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  • The Unforgiving Minute - A Soldier's Education - cover

    The Unforgiving Minute - A...

    Craig M. Mullaney

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    Craig M. Mullaney's education had been relentlessly preparing him for this moment. The four years he spent at West Point and the harrowing test of Ranger School readied him for a career in the Army. His subsequent experience as a Rhodes scholar at Oxford couldn't have been further from the Army and his working-class roots, and yet the unorthodox education he received there would be surprisingly relevant as a combat leader. Years later, after that unforgettable experience in Afghanistan, he would return to the United States to teach history to future Navy and Marine Corps officers at the Naval Academy. He had been in their position once, and he had put his education to the test. How would he use his own life-changing experience to prepare them?The Unforgiving Minute is the extraordinary story of one soldier's singular education. From a hilarious plebe's-eye view of the author's West Point experience to the demanding leadership crucible of Ranger School's swamps and mountains, to a two-year whirlwind of scintillating debate, pub crawls, and romance at Oxford, Mullaney's winding path to the battlegrounds of Afghanistan was unique and remarkable. Despite all his preparation, the hardest questions remained. When the call came to lead his platoon into battle and earn his soldiers' salutes, would he be ready? Was his education sufficient for the unforgiving minutes he'd face? A fascinating account of an Army captain's unusual path through some of the most legendary seats of learning straight into a brutal fight with Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, The Unforgiving Minute is, above all, an unforgettable portrait of a young soldier grappling with the weight of his hard-earned knowledge while coming to grips with becoming a man.
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