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Butterfly Safari - cover

Butterfly Safari

Andrew Fusek Peters

Publisher: Bird Eye Books

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Andrew Fusek Peters has spent five years travelling around the UK to document and celebrate British butterflies. In Butterfly Safari, he shows butterflies in a new light, capturing close-ups of wing scales and the delicate structure of eggs, eyes and antennae. He has also pioneered never-before-seen flight shots and astonishing aerial sequences. Many of these photos have already appeared in the national papers and magazines. 
'With so many of our butterflies in decline, this is a very timely book by one of the country's best photographers. It's a must-have for the bookshelves!' Iolo Williams 
'This book captures the glorious beauty and heart-lifting spirit of butterflies better than any other.' Patrick Barkham, author of The Butterfly Isles 
'This book acptures the beauty and movement of butterflies like no other. The flight sequences are sublime - they are pure poetry in motion.' Dr Martin Warren, former Chief Executive of Butterfly Conservation
Available since: 02/14/2023.

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  • Methods to Overcome the Financial and Money Transfer Blockade against Palestine and any Country Suffering from Financial Blockade - cover

    Methods to Overcome the...

    Dr. Hidaia Mahmood Alassoulii

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    Online shopping and online money transfer has become an urgent necessity for all citizens of the world. One of the difficulties I encountered in electronic money transfer and online shopping is the financial blockade against the Palestinians.
    It is surprising although the electronic currency transfer has become the trend of the century with the developments of crypto currency block chain technology, central and decentralized platforms, and unlimited digital currency wallets, which reflects the extent of progress in currency conversion in this era. Most cryptocurrency platforms do not discriminate people on the basis of location or nationality. Everyone has the right to open account with them, and every person is responsible for securing his account. On the contrary, you find large websites that operate with a sterile racist mentality, such as PayPal, Skrill and others that ban residents of the Palestinian Authority areas just because they are Palestinians. For example, PayPal is the most important electronic wallet for electronic payment, is prohibited only for the residents of the Palestinian territories. And if we open accounts outside Palestine, the account will be closed immediately.
    And there are also other large sites that follow the same policy as Skrill and eBay. I also surprised that most of the electronic banks or electronic wallets that deal in the fiat currencies such as USD and EURO refuse to activate the accounts of the Palestinians. With the exception of cryptocurrency platforms so far, they do not put obstacles against the Palestinians.
    And even the banks and wallets that agree to open accounts to Palestinian people, they do not support withdrawals to a Palestinian banks, whether in euros, dollars, or any other currency.
    Other difficulty I encountered that the electronic banks and wallets that deal only with fiat currencies such as USD and EURO require that you not don't deposit, withdraw , or deal through the account with any digital crypto currency platforms. In the event of making money transfer with any digital crypto currency platform, the account will be suspended. So the electronic banks and wallets that only support the fiat currencies for withdrawal and deposit consider digital currencies as suspicious and prohibited currencies.
    Also most websites don't accept ordering Visa/Master Card to Palestine region.
    Hence, I ask all concerned parties around the world to work to stop the discrimination and siege against the Palestinians by banks and electronic wallets.
    In this report I will provide Summary of the difficulties I encountered in electronic money transfer and online shopping due to the financial blockade against the Palestinians. And I will present some methods to overcome the financial and money transfer blockade against Palestine and similar countries facing from same issue. This report consists from the following parts:
    Summary of the difficulties I encountered in electronic money transfer and online shopping due to the financial blockade against the Palestinians.
    1. Summary of the difficulties I encountered in electronic money transfer and online shopping due to the financial blockade against the Palestinians.
    2. Summary of best bank transfer methods I realized during my evaluations.
    7. - eCurrency Money Exchanger.
    10. Using for money transfer.
    11. 12.-Using for money transfer.
    12. Using for money transfer.
    13. Using for money transfer.
    14. Using for money transfer.
    15. Examples of some successful tested bank money transfers.
    16. Examples of some failed tested bank money transfers.
    17. Some of my Arabic articles about the financial blockade against the Palestinians.
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