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Philadelphia - The Delaplaine 2020 Long Weekend Guide - cover

Philadelphia - The Delaplaine 2020 Long Weekend Guide

Andrew Delaplaine

Publisher: Gramercy Park Press

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A complete guide for everything you need to experience a great Long Weekend in Philadelphia.
“There was so much to do in Philadelphia that we were a little overwhelmed. This book cut everything down to the point that we could digest it all, helping us to decide what we wanted to see out of so many different attractions, and where we wanted to eat.”
--Shelly D., Fort Lauderdale.

“We are from London, and we were looking forward to our first trip to the place where Americans first proclaimed their liberty by revolting against us. This guide helped us to have an excellent visit.”
---Wilfred G., London
You'll save a lot of time using this concise guide.=Lodgings (throughout the area) variously priced=Fine & budget restaurants, more than enough listings to give you a sense of the variety to be found. =Principal attractions -- don't waste your precious time on the lesser ones. We've done all the work for you.
=A handful of interesting shopping ideas.

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    - Guide on How to Take Your Travel to a Whole New Memorable Level
    - Guide on How to Have All the Recommended Resources at Your Disposal
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    Before John Dos Passos enjoys fame as a chronicler and critic of American society, he wins recognition for command of aesthetics. Orient Express, a memoir of the author’s travels through Eastern Europe, the Near East, and the Middle East, focuses on sights, sounds, and smells rather than plot or character. Dos Passos applies his instincts as a painter to mountain ranges and grimy alleyways, finding beauty everywhere. His tour extends from Tiflis, Georgia, to Erivan, Armenia, and Marrakesh, Morocco; from Kasvin, Iran, to Baghdad, Iraq, and Damascus, Syria. He crosses the Syrian Desert, observes the aftermath of the Greek-Turkish War, climbs the Caucasus, explores Persia during the rise of Reza Kahn, and records the creation of Iraq by the British. His message is clear and relevant to contemporary travelers: holiness and happiness abounds in the East as much as the West. “With the name of Allah for all baggage,” Dos Passos writes, “you could travel from the Great Wall of China to the Niger and be fairly sure of food, and often of money, if only you were ready to touch your forehead in the dust five times a day and put away self and the glamorous West. And yet,” he adds, “the West is conquering.”
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    Norman Douglas was born in Thüringen, Austria on 8th December 1868. 
    He spent the first years of his life on the family estate, Villa Falkenhorst, in Thüringen. The following years were spent in Scotland at Tilquhillie, Deeside, his paternal home. Douglas was then educated at Yarlet Hall and Uppingham School in England, before a grammar school in Karlsruhe. 
    Douglas started in the diplomatic service in 1894 and, until 1896, he was stationed in Russia at St. Petersburg, but was placed on leave following a sexual scandal. 
    In 1897 whilst travelling in Italy with his brother he bought the villa Maya in Posillipo, a maritime suburb of Naples. In doing so he abandoned his pregnant Russian mistress and his career as a diplomat. 
    The following year he married a cousin, Elizabeth Louisa Theobaldina FitzGibbon, with whom he would have two children. 
    In 1901, using his pseudonym ‘Normyx’, and in collaboration with Elizabeth, his first book, Unprofessional Tales, was published. However, his marriage was now failing, and they divorced in 1903 on the grounds of Elizabeth's infidelity. 
    He now moved to Capri to spend time at the Villa Daphne as well as also alternating with time in London.  His general purpose now was to become a more committed and dedicated writer. 
    A long career lay ahead of him but it was one filled with bohemian excess, writing of tremendous quality and also scandal after scandal. 
    By the time of his death in Capri on 7th February 1952, apparently deliberately overdosing himself on drugs after a long illness. His last action was to hurl expletives at a group of nuns.
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