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2021 Barcelona Restaurants - The Food Enthusiast's Long Weekend Guide - cover

2021 Barcelona Restaurants - The Food Enthusiast's Long Weekend Guide

Andrew Delaplaine

Publisher: Gramercy Park Press

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There are many people who are enthusiastic about food—the cooking of it, the preparation of it, the serving of it, and let’s not forget the eating of it.
But Andrew Delaplaine is the ultimate Food Enthusiast. 
This is another of his books with spot-on reviews of the most exciting restaurants in town. Some will merit only a line or two, just to bring them to your attention. Others deserve a half page or more. 
“Exciting” does not necessarily mean expensive. The area’s top spots get the recognition they so richly deserve (and that they so loudly demand), but there are plenty of “sensible alternatives” for those looking for good food handsomely prepared by cooks and chefs who really care what they “plate up” in the kitchen.
For those with a touch of Guy Fieri, Delaplaine ferrets out the best food for those on a budget. That dingy looking dive bar around the corner may serve up one of the juiciest burgers in town, perfect to wash down with a locally brewed craft beer.
Whatever your predilection or taste, cuisine of choice or your budget, you may rely on Andrew Delaplaine not to disappoint. 
Delaplaine dines anonymously at the Publisher’s expense. No restaurant listed in this series has paid a penny or given so much as a free meal to be included. 
Bon Appétit!

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