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Restless - Element Preservers #4 - cover

Restless - Element Preservers #4

Alycia Linwood

Publisher: Alycia Linwood

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Being the president of the Element Preservers and going to university at the same time might be hard for Ria, especially when she isn't allowed to touch Adrian most of the time. But when the government decides to use Ria as a distraction to pass a new law that many won't like, she has to find out what the government's true plan is before it's too late. Ethan, who pretends to be Ria's boyfriend and has his own agenda, certainly won't make things any easier for her. 
The fourth book in the Element Preservers series. 
Element Preservers series reading order: 
Dangerous (Book 1) 
Runaway (Book 2) 
Divided (Book 3) 
No One (Book 3.5) 
Restless (Book 4) 
Indestructible (Book 5)

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    Contains strong adult content and language.
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    How degrading. Stuck babysitting a woman because his alpha said so. As Pride Beta, he has better things to do with his time, like washing his impressive mane, hunting down thugs for fun, and chasing tail—sometimes his own if his lion is feeling playful.
    But his babysitting job takes an unexpected turn when the woman he’s assigned guard duty over turns out to be his mate.
    A female threatened by an outside wolf pack.
    A woman he wants to call his own.
    A mate who doesn’t fall for his charm.
    Usually Beta’s leave the roaring to the Pride’s alpha, but in this case given his level of frustration, he might have to make an exception. And if anyone doesn’t like it, they can kiss his furry tail. 
    A Lion's Pride series:
    ~When An Alpha Purrs
    ~When A Beta Roars
    ~A Tiger's Bride
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    Growing up is never easy, but for Jahrra, seventeen years has brought its own unique share of hardships. She’s made both friends and enemies; has felt both joy and sorrow. Yet she has persevered through it all and has finally learned to know and accept who she is. Unfortunately, her trials and tribulations are only just beginning . . .  
    An inconceivable tragedy and the revelation of a secret kept from her since birth has turned her perfect world on its end. Jahrra isn’t the poor Nesnan she thought she was, but human, one promised by Ethöes in a prophecy from long ago. Now, without her guardian, she must accept the help of the one she mistrusts the most as they flee Oescienne before the Tyrant’s minions have a chance to close in.  
    With her enemies at her heels and the terrifying truth looming before her, Jahrra will seek shelter with the dragon Raejaaxorix in the faraway city of Lidien, a place of hope and enlightenment. But when the City of Light proves to entertain its own dangers, Jahrra and Jaax find their safety threatened once again. But this time the threat may be coming from those they trust the most . . .
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    When young Adrian Howell discovers he possesses powerful telekinetic abilities, he is plunged into a sinister world of warring paranormal factions and terrifying government organizations. Adrian must discover what really happened to his missing sister. But to do this, he will first have to find his place among fugitives like himself, and protect the life of a deeply scarred child who can speak only through her mind... a child who will change Adrian's life forever. 
    Wild-born is the first book of Adrian Howell's Psionic Pentalogy: a supernatural adventure series with psychic children, teens and adults, telekinesis, telepathy, and many twists and turns in a harsh urban fantasy world. 
    Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy 
    Read all five books of Adrian Howell's Psionic Pentalogy in order: 
    Book One: Wild-born 
    Book Two: The Tower 
    Book Three: Lesser Gods 
    Book Four: The Quest 
    Book Five: Guardian Angel
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