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Learn Design and Analysis of Algorithms in 24 Hours - cover

Learn Design and Analysis of Algorithms in 24 Hours

Alex Nordeen

Publisher: Publishdrive

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Table Of Content
Chapter 1: Greedy Algorithm with Example: What is, Method and Approach
What is a Greedy Algorithm?History of Greedy AlgorithmsGreedy Strategies and DecisionsCharacteristics of the Greedy ApproachWhy use the Greedy Approach?How to Solve the activity selection problemArchitecture of the Greedy approachDisadvantages of Greedy Algorithms
Chapter 2: Circular Linked List: Advantages and Disadvantages
What is a Circular Linked List?Basic Operations in Circular Linked listsInsertion OperationDeletion OperationTraversal of a Circular Linked ListAdvantages of Circular Linked ListDisadvantages of Circular Linked ListSingly Linked List as a Circular Linked ListApplications of the Circular Linked List
Chapter 3: Array in Data Structure: What is, Arrays Operations [Examples]
What are Arrays?Concept of ArrayWhy do we need arrays?Creating an Array in PythonWays to Declare an Array in PythonArray OperationsCreating an Array in C++Array Operations in C++Array Operations in Java
Chapter 4: B TREE in Data Structure: Search, Insert, Delete Operation Example
What is a B Tree?Why use B-TreeHistory of B TreeSearch OperationInsert OperationDelete Operation
Chapter 5: B+ TREE : Search, Insert and Delete Operations Example
What is a B+ Tree?Rules for B+ TreeWhy use B+ TreeB+ Tree vs. B TreeSearch OperationInsert OperationDelete Operation
Chapter 6: Breadth First Search (BFS) Algorithm with EXAMPLE
What is BFS Algorithm (Breadth-First Search)?What is Graph traversals?The architecture of BFS algorithmWhy do we need BFS Algorithm?How does BFS Algorithm Work?Example BFS AlgorithmRules of BFS AlgorithmApplications of BFS Algorithm
Chapter 7: Binary Search Tree (BST) with Example
What is a Binary Search Tree?Attributes of Binary Search TreeWhy do we need a Binary Search Tree?Types of Binary TreesHow Binary Search Tree Works?Important Terms
Chapter 8: Binary Search Algorithm with EXAMPLE
What is Search?What is Binary Search?How Binary Search Works?Example Binary SearchWhy Do We Need Binary Search?
Chapter 9: Linear Search: Python, C++ Example
What is Searching Algorithm?What is Linear Search?What does Linear Search Function do?How does Linear Search work?Pseudo Code for Sequential Search AlgorithmC++ Code Example Linear SearchPython Code Example Linear SearchComplexity Analysis of Linear Search AlgorithmHow to improve Linear Search AlgorithmApplication of Linear Search Algorithm
Chapter 10: Bubble Sort Algorithm with Python using List Example
What is a Bubble Sort?Implementing the Bubble Sort AlgorithmOptimized Bubble Sort AlgorithmVisual RepresentationPython ExamplesCode ExplanationBubble sort advantagesBubble sort DisadvantagesComplexity Analysis of Bubble Sort
Chapter 11: Selection Sort: Algorithm explained with Python Code Example
What is Selection Sort?How does selection sort work?Problem DefinitionSolution (Algorithm)Visual RepresentationSelection Sort Program using Python 3Code ExplanationTime Complexity Of Selection SortWhen to use selection sort?Advantages of Selection SortDisadvantages of Selection Sort
Chapter 12: Hash Table in Data Structure: Python Example
What is Hashing?What is a Hash Table?Hash functionsQualities of a good hash functionCollisionHash table operationsHash Table Implementation with Python ExampleHash Table Code ExplanationPython Dictionary ExampleComplexity AnalysisReal-world ApplicationsAdvantages of hash tablesDisadvantages of hash tables
Chapter 13: Tree Traversals (Inorder, Preorder, Postorder): C,Python, C++ Examples
What is Tree Traversal?Types of Tree TraversalBreadth-First TraversalInorder Traversal Bianry TreePost-Order TraversalPreorder TraversalImplementation in Python:Implementation in C:Implementation of C++ (Using std:queue for level order):
Chapter 14: Binary Tree in Data Structure (EXAMPLE)
What is a Binary Tree?What are the Differences Between Binary Tree and Binary Search Tree?Example of Binary Search TreesTypes of Binary Tree:Implementation of Binary Tree in C and C++:Implementation of Binary Tree in PythonApplication of Binary Tree:
Chapter 15: Combination Algorithm: Print all possible combinations of r |C,C++,Python
What is the Combination?The time complexity analysis for CombinationMethod-1: Fixed element with recursionMethod 2 (Include and Exclude every element):Handling Duplicate CombinationsUsing a dictionary or unordered map to track duplicate combinations
Chapter 16: Longest Common Subsequence: Python, C++ Example
What is Longest Common Subsequence?Naive MethodOptimal SubstructureRecursive Method of Longest Comm SequenceDynamic Programming method of Longest Common Subsequence (LCS)
Chapter 17: Dijisktra's Algorithm: C++, Python Code Example
What is the shortest path or shortest distance?How Dijkstra’s Algorithm WorksDifference Between Dijkstra and BFS, DFS2D grid demonstration of how BFS worksExample of Dijkstra’s AlgorithmC++ implementation Dijkstra’s AlgorithmPython implementation Dijkstra’s AlgorithmApplication of Dijkstra AlgorithmLimitation of Dijkstra’s Algorithm
Available since: 07/19/2022.
Print length: 480 pages.

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