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Techno-Capitalism - The Rise of the New Robber Barons and the Fight for the Common Good

Loretta Napoleoni

Litigating the Pandemic - Disaster Cascades in Court

Susan M. Sterett

The Book of Celtic Myths - From the Mystic Might of the Celtic Warriors to the Magic of the Fey Folk the Storied History and Folklore of Ireland Scotland Brittany and Wales

Jennifer Emick

Things That Go Bump in the Universe - How Astronomers Decode Cosmic Chaos

C. Renee James

The Power of Value Selling - The Gold Standard to Drive Revenue and Create Customers for Life

Juliet Thomas

Technology's Child - Digital Media’s Role in the Ages and Stages of Growing Up

Katie Davis

Invasive Species - A Very Short Introduction

Julie Lockwood, Dustin J. Welbourne

The Uranium Club - Unearthing Lost Relics of the Nazi Nuclear Program

Miriam E. Hiebert, Timothy W. Koeth

The Beekeeper - Pollinating Your Organization for Transformative Growth

Katie P. Desiderio, Michael G. Frino

First Class Teaching - 10 Lessons You Don't Learn in College

Michelle Emerson

The Tender Parts - A Guide to Healing from Trauma through Internal Family Systems Therapy

LMFT Ilyse Kennedy LPC

What World Is This? - A Pandemic Phenomenology

Judith Butler

Brigid - History Mystery and Magick of the Celtic Goddess

Courtney Weber

Sustainable Leadership - Lessons of Vision Courage and Grit from the CEOs Who Dared to Build a Better World 1st Edition

Clarke Murphy

The Success Factor - Developing the Mindset and Skillset for Peak Business Performance

Ruth Gotian

The PTSD Workbook Third Edition - Simple Effective Techniques for Overcoming Traumatic Stress Symptoms

Mary Beth Williams PhD, Soili Poijula PhD

Bright Galaxies Dark Matter and Beyond - The Life of Astronomer Vera Rubin

Ashley Jean Yeager

Game On? Brain On! - The Surprising Relationship between Play and Gray (Matter)

Lindsay Portnoy

Surrender Submit Serve Her - The Definitive Guide to Enacting Female Leadership and Embracing the Female Dominated Household

Key Barrett MSc

Scribbles Sorrows and Russet Leather Boots - The Life of Louisa May Alcott

Liz Rosenberg

Sensate Focus in Sex Therapy - The Illustrated Manual

Linda Weiner, Constance Avery-Clark, Michael A. Perelman

From Madness to Mindfulness - Reinventing Sex for Women

Jennifer Gunsaullus PhD

Trauma and the Unbound Body - The Healing Power of Fundamental Consciousness

Judith Blackstone PhD

Mermaid Mimosa

Gina LaManna

Death Taxes and a Chocolate Cannoli

Diane Kelly

Connection - How to Find the Life You're Looking for in the Life You Have

Kristine Klussman PhD

Issued to the Bride - One Sergeant for Christmas

Cora Seton

Magic Julep

Gina LaManna

Taoism for Beginners - Understanding and Applying Taoist History Concepts and Practices

Elizabeth Reninger

The Universe and the Teacup - The Mathematics of Truth and Beauty

K. C. Cole