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How to Be a Farmer - An Ancient Guide to Life on the Land

Tom Perkins

The Lies of the Land - Seeing Rural America for What It Is―and Isn’t

Steven Conn

Following Caesar - From Rome to Constantinople the Pathways That Planted the Seeds of Empire

John Keahey

Investing in Stocks For Dummies

Paul J. Mladjenovic

Does Coffee Cause Cancer? - And 8 More Myths About the Food We Eat

Dr. Christopher Labos

Our Least Important Asset - Why the Relentless Focus on Finance and Accounting is Bad for Business and Employees

Peter Cappelli

Human Spaceflight - From Mars to the Stars

Louis Friedman

All Roads Led to Gettysburg - A New Look at the Civil War's Pivotal Campaign

Troy D. Harman

Trauma and the Struggle to Open Up - From Avoidance to Recovery and Growth

Robert T. Muller

The Battle of Salamis - The Naval Encounter that Saved Greece -- and Western Civilization

Barry Strauss

Greenhouse Planet - How Rising CO2 Changes Plants and Life as We Know It

Lewis H. Ziska

A Strange Whim of the Sea - The Wreck of the USS Macaw

Tim Loughman

Reconnected Kids - Help Your Child Achieve Physical Mental and Emotional Balance

Dr. Robert Melillo

The Disconnected Kids Nutrition Plan - Proven Strategies to Enhance Learning and Focus for Children with Autism ADHD Dyslexia and Other Neurological Disorders

Dr. Robert Melillo

Incompleteness - The Proof and Paradox of Kurt Gödel

Rebecca Goldstein

The Star Drive - The True Story of a Genius an Engine and Our Future

Phillip Hills

Ant Architecture - The Wonder Beauty and Science of Underground Nests

Walter R. Tschinkel

Forged in War - How a Century of War Created Today’s Information Society

R. David Lankes

A Long Long Way - Hollywood's Unfinished Journey from Racism to Reconciliation

Greg Garrett

Rhapsody in Black - The Life and Music of Roy Orbison

John Kruth

We the Possibility - Harnessing Public Entrepreneurship to Solve Our Most Urgent Problems

Mitchell Weiss

The Education of John Adams

R.B. Bernstein

Mr Lincoln's T-Mails - How Abraham Lincoln Used the Telegraph to Win the Civil War

Tom Wheeler

The Lives of Isaac Stern

David Schoenbaum

Where the Money Grows and Anatomy of the Bubble

Garet Garrett

Democracy and Equality - The Enduring Constitutional Vision of the Warren Court

Geoffrey R. Stone, David A Straus

Borrowing Life - How Scientists Surgeons and a War Hero Made the First Successful Organ Transplant a Reality

Shelley Fraser Mickle

Surface at the Pole - The Extraordinary Voyages of the USS Skate

James Calvert

Cape Horn to Starboard

John Kretschmer

Entrepreneur Voices on Emotional Intelligence

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