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A Twist of Murder

Heather Redmond

The Vampyre

John William Polidori

Assassin’s Lullaby

Mark Rubinstein

Game: Online (The Best Quest Bonus LitRPG Stories) - Worlds LitRPG

A.Osadchuk, V.Machanenko, A.Livadniy, A.Novak, M.Atamanov, P.Kornev

Moonlight in Magnolia Bloom - A Magnolia Bloom Novel Book 4

Paula Adler

Anatomy: A Love Story

Dana Schwartz

Escargot Collection - Books 1 & 2

Dashka Slater

Magnolia Bloom Beginnings - A Three Novella Compilation -- The Origins of Magnolia Bloom

Paula Adler

Sunrise in Magnolia Bloom - A Magnolia Bloom Novella

Paula Adler

Mistletoe and Magnolia - A Magnolia Bloom Novel Book 2

Paula Adler

The Very Very Far North

Dan Bar-el

Pickwick Murders

Heather Redmond

A Book for Escargot - Book 2

Dashka Slater

Escargot - Book 1

Dashka Slater

The Plainswalker

M. A. Rothman

Inspector Hobbes and the Common People - A Cotswold Comedy Cozy Mystery Fantasy

Wilkie Martin

Every City Is Every Other City - A Gordon Stewart Mystery

John McFetridge

The Wolf & the Witch

Claire Delacroix

The Initial Insult

Mindy McGinnis

Comes the War

Ed Ruggero

The Theft of the Ayn Noor

Charles L.M. Lartigue

The Children's Train - A Novel

Viola Ardone

Pee Wees - Confessions of a Hockey Parent

Rich Cohen

The New Human Revolution vol 10

Daisaku Ikeda


Crawford Kilian

The Beautiful and Damned

F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Highlander's Demand

Mary Wine

The New Human Revolution vol 9

Daisaku Ikeda

The Maya - A Very Short Introduction

Matthew Restall, Amara Solari

The New Human Revolution vol 8

Daisaku Ikeda