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Mila Waters


Mila Waters

Cherry Cordial

Mila Waters

The Family

Mila Waters, Sara Schoen, Yolanda Allard, Mary Duke, Diana Register, Eryn Ryans, Stefani Vader

Symphony in Scarlet

Mila Waters

Royal Scoundrels - Malice and Madness #1

Mila Waters, Tracy Ball, E.H. Demeter, Rena Marin, Cloud S. Riser, Amy Cecil


Mila Waters


Erin Lee, Alice La Roux, Mila Waters, Sara Schoen, Taylor Henderson, BeBe Harlow, Caitlin L McCulloch


Mila Waters, Skylar McKinzie, Rita Delude, Rena Marin, Lorah Jaiyn, Hope Sherrill, Caitlin L McCulloch

Villains Ever After

Erin Lee, Bella Emy, Mila Waters, Rena Marin, Lorah Jaiyn, T. Elizabeth Guthrie

Rhapsody in Red - Shades of Crimson #1

Mila Waters

Crazy Fools

Beth Hale, Erin Lee, Alan Greig, Mila Waters, Sara Schoen, Rita Delude, Jim Ody

War Paint

Mila Waters, Sara Schoen, Rita Delude, Jim Ody, LJC Fynn, Mary Duke


C.L. Foster, Allana Kephart, Sam Destiny, Lissa Lynn Thomas, Becky Elizabeth, E.R. Rada, D.E. Roraff, Mila Waters