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A Knitter's Home Companion - A Heartwarming Collection of Stories Patterns and Recipes

Michelle Edwards

Beyond the Mirror

Michelle Edwards, Rita Delude, Rena Marin, Jessica Sara Campbell, Lorah Jaiyn, Justina Luther

Frozen Bloodlines

Michelle Edwards

The Curse

Michelle Edwards, Rena Marin, Karen DuBose, LJC Fynn, T. Elizabeth Guthrie, Hope Sherrill, Olivia Marie, K.T. Munson

Beyond Narnia

Michelle Edwards, Erin Lee, Caitlin McCulloch, LJC Fynn, Lorah Jaiyn, Hope Sherrill, Olivia Marie

Broken Souls - Haven Series

Michelle Edwards

Binding Fate - Hunting the Night Series #2

Michelle Edwards

A Warrior's Soul

Michelle Edwards

Kissing Midnight

Michelle Edwards, Skylar McKinzie, Rita Delude, E.H. Demeter, Rena Marin, T. Elizabeth Guthrie, Diane Need, Krystle Able, Tina Maurine, Ainsley Jaymes

Cursed Legacy

Michelle Edwards

Nightmares in Writers Retreat: The Nightmare Continues

Michelle Edwards, Julie Alcin, Alizabeth Lynn, E.H. Demeter, A.R. Simmons, James Salsido, Jenny Booker, Carmen Fowle, A.F. Lamonte, Susan Stanselow Olesen

The Old Testament: Homer Dives In; a Story & Reader’S Guide for Kids of All Ages

Barbara Boyd, Michelle Edwards