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Finally Winsome - How an Overprotective Dog Came to Need Protection

Jennifer A. Carle

The Last Time We Were Children

Penny J. Johnson

The Trouble with Tails - A Tale of Friendship

Karen E. Colman

Safety Yells Back - A Children's Guide to Stranger Danger Awareness

Fran Sutton

Memoirs of my Grandmother

Lynn Pinkham

The Wholeness Within

III Oliver Pier

Soaring above Satan Soaring above Self - A Spiritual Journey from the Bondage of Sin into Life with the Lord

Demona Elzey

Promise Letters From Jesus Christ

Ruth Poprilo

Ashley's Sparkly Ribbon

Mara Imbro

Growing Up Ugly - A Story of Finding Beauty Within

Donetta Garman

Sower of the Good Seed

Diana Crausby

Stop Kicking My Seat! - The Manners Meltdown in America

Robyn Fischer

Echoes of Loneliness

Diane Troup

A Visit with Victor the Vet

Donna S. Pendley

She Never Uttered a Word

DeBorah Adams

Heart Whispers

Rev. Kevin R. Smith

Lambs and Shepherds - Abiding in the Fields

Audrey Ballenger

A Bypass in the Road - Journey of the Heart

Debi Morzark Hutchens

Highland Mystique

Debra Thomsen

God's Method of Success - Stories of Survival

Tammy D. Jackson

The Crossing

Joanne Saunders

Where Did I Go Wrong?

Floyd Rossum

My Heart's Treasure - Inspiration for the Spirit and Soul

Vicki Rae Huber

Joy - A Message for All the Children of God

Patricia Ruggiero


George Barton

Inner Beauty

Minister Kisha Rivera

Born AgainAnd Growing - How-To Steps to Beginning and Pursuing a Relationship with God

Rosie Justus

Greek Nuggets from the Gospel Gold Mine - Amazing Hidden Treasures of Insight and Inspiration

Dr. Donald Frazier

Jesus the Man

Bishop Theophilus A. E. Price

Funny Bone Boulevard

Michael Medina