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Battle for the North

Roman Prokofiev

Pre-Approved for Haunting - And Other Stories

Patrick Barb

Shadow Seer

Roman Prokofiev

Dracula - A Full Cast Audio Drama

Hamilton Deane, John L. Balderston

The Real Fake Fiancé

Sara Jane Woodley

The Gospel of the Hold Steady - How a Resurrection Really Feels

Michael Hann, The Hold Steady

Her Father's Daughter

T. M. Dunn

The Gene of Ancients

Roman Prokofiev

Move It or Lose It

Gracie Ruth Mitchell

The UFO Hotspot Compendium - All the Places to Visit Before You Die or Are Abducted

Craig Campobasso

To the Gates of Hell

David Nix

House of a Thousand Lies

Cody Luke Davis

The Golden Acorn

Katy Hudson

Finn's Fun Trucks Volume 2

Finn Coyle

Cyrano de Bergerac - A Play in Five Parts

Edmond Rostand

Devil's Ride West

David Nix

Finn's Fun Trucks Volume 1

Finn Coyle

Spontaneous Human Combustion

Richard Thomas

Dead Man's Hand

David Nix

48 Hours to Kill

Andrew Bourelle

The Hunger of Crows

Richard Chiappone

Wolverine - Violent Tendencies

Marc Alan Cerasini, Marvel

The Christmas Crumb

Lou Treleaven

The Fuhrer's Orphans - a moving and powerful novel based on true events

David Laws

American Estrangement - Stories

Said Sayrafiezadeh

Site Fidelity

Claire Boyles


James R. Tuck, Marvel

The Best of Walter M Miller Jr

Walter M. Miller Jr.

The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac - The Ultimate Guide to Greys Reptilians Hybrids and Nordics

Craig Campobasso

A Super Sticky Mistake - The Story of How Harry Coover Accidentally Invented Super Glue!

Alison Donald