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Otto Kretschmer - The Life of Germany’s Highest Scoring U-Boat Commander

Lawrence Paterson

Bloody Verrières - The I SS-Panzerkorps Defence of the Verrières-Bourguebus Ridges: Volume 2: The Defeat of Operation Spring and the Battles of Tilly-La-Campagne 23 July – 5 August 1944

Arthur W. Gullachsen, Douglas E. Nash Sr.

The Tiger from Poznań

Richard Siegert

Halbe 1945 - Eyewitness Accounts from Hell's Cauldron

Eberhard Baumgart, Roger Moorhouse


David Musgrave

The Illusion of Control - Why Financial Crises Happen and What We Can (and Can't) Do About It

Jon Danielsson

Bloody Verrieres - The I SS-Panzerkorps Defence of the Verrieres-Bourguebus Ridges: Volume I: Operations Goodwood and Atlantic July 18–22 1944

Arthur W. Gullachsen

The Old Testament in Seven Sentences - A Small Introduction to a Vast Topic

Christopher J. H. Wright

Human Physiology - A Very Short Introduction

Jamie A. Davies

Luftwaffe Aces in the Battle of Britain

Chris Goss

12th Hitlerjugend SS Panzer Division in Normandy

Tim Saunders, Richard Hone

Royally Tied

Melanie Summers

Barth Bonhoeffer and Modern Politics

Josh Mauldin

A Question of Leadership - Leading Organizational Change in Times of Crisis

Keith Leslie

Royally Wild

Melanie Summers

The Will of God

Leslie D. Weatherhead

Asking Questions The Sandler Way - Or: Good Question-Why Do you Ask?

Antonio Garrido, David Mattson

The 21st Century Ride-Along - How Sales Leaders Can Develop Their Sales Teams In Real-Time Sales Calls

Antonio Garrido

The Makings of a Warrior

Peter Wacht

Jesus at the Door - Evangelism Made Easy

Scott McNamara

The Raptor of the Highlands

Peter Wacht

The Call of the Sylvana

Peter Wacht

Evolution - What Everyone Needs to Know

Robin Dunbar

Kompromat - My Story from Trump to Mueller and USSR to USA

Giorgi Rtskhiladze

Topology - A Very Short Introduction

Richard Earl

Exogenesis - Hybrid Humans: A Scientific History of Extraterrestrial Genetic Manipulation

Bruce R. Fenton, Daniella Fenton

The Legend of the Kestrel - Sylvan Chronicles Series Book 1

Peter Wacht

The Rise of the Maccabees - Lions Of Judea

Amit Arad

In Search of Ultimate Reality - Inside the Cosmologist's Abyss

H Chris Ransford

Collaborative Society

Dariusz Jemielniak, Aleksandra Przegalinska