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Mrs Noah's Doves

Jane Yolen

Rena Glickman Queen of Judo

Eve Nadel Catarevas

Bedtime for Maziks

Yael Levy

Sammy Spider's First ABC

Sylvia A. Rouss

Frank Who Liked to Build - The Architecture of Frank Gehry

Deborah Blumenthal

The Topsy-Turvy Bus

Anita Fitch Pazner

Raquela's Seder

Joel Edward Stein

Peek-A-Boo Passover

Pamela Mayer

It's Outta Here! - The Might and Majesty of the Home Run

Matt Doeden

Monkey with a Tool Belt and the Craftiest Christmas Ever!

Chris Monroe

The Stanley Cup Playoffs - The Quest for Hockey's Biggest Prize

Matt Doeden

COVID-19 - The Coronavirus Disease

Jackie Golusky

Ebola - A Rare Killer

Jackie Golusky

Coming Up Clutch - The Greatest Upsets Comebacks and Finishes in Sports History

Matt Doeden

Bubonic Plague - The Black Death

Percy Leed

The NBA Playoffs - In Pursuit of Basketball Glory

Matt Doeden

Robo-Motion - Robots That Move Like Animals

Linda Zajac

Typhoid Fever - A Deadly Infection

Percy Leed

Our Own Place - All Kinds of Homes

Lisa Bullard


Lisa Wheeler

I Am Positive

Katie Peters

My Family Celebrates Christmas

Lisa Bullard

Animals to the Rescue! - Amazing True Stories from around the World

Sandra Markle

Smallpox - A Vaccine Success

Brianna Kaiser

Malaria - An Ongoing Threat

Brianna Kaiser

A Special Invitation - All Kinds of Religions

Lisa Bullard

My Family Celebrates Hanukkah

Lisa Bullard

Different Can Be Great - All Kinds of Families

Lisa Bullard

My Family Celebrates Thanksgiving

Lisa Bullard

I Am Honest

Katie Peters