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England France and Aquitaine - From Victory to Defeat in the Hundred Years War

Richard Ballard

Septimius Severus & the Roman Army

Michael Sage

Aurelian and Probus - The Soldier Emperors Who Saved Rome

Ilkka Syvänne

Wargames Terrain & Buildings - North Africa and the Middle East

Tony Harwood

Hitler's Anti-Tank Weapons 1939–1945

Hans Seidler

A Champion Cyclist Against the Nazis - The Incredible Life of Gino Bartali

Alberto Toscano

Churchill's Flawed Decisions - Errors in Office of The Greatest Briton

Stephen Wynn

For King and Kaiser - Scenes from Saxony's War in Flanders 1914–1918

Andrew Lucas, Jürgen Schmieschek

The Americans and Germans at Bastogne - First-Hand Accounts of the Commanders Who Fought

Gary Sterne

Fighting Through to Hitler's Germany - Personal Accounts of the Men of 1 Suffolk 1944–45

Mark Forsdike

The Last of Africa's Cold War Conflicts - Portuguese Guinea and its Guerilla Insurgency

Al J. Venter

Korean War—Imjin River - Fall of the Glosters to the Armistice April 1951–July 1953

Gerry van Tonder

MacArthur's Papua New Guinea Offensive 1942–1943

Jon Diamond

North Vietnam's 1972 Easter Offensive - Hanoi's Gamble

Stephen Emerson

Tank Attack at Monte Cassino - The Cavendish Road Operation 1944

Jeffrey Plowman

On Operations with C Squadron SAS - Terrorist Pursuit & Rebel Attacks in Cold War Africa

Michael Graham

Marching from Defeat - Surviving the Collapse of the German Army in the Soviet Union 1944

Claus Neuber

From Shanghai to the Burma Railway - The Memoirs & Letters of Richard Laird A Japanese Prisoner of War

Rory Laird

Logistics in World War II 1939–1943

John Norris

Wellington and the British Army's Indian Campaigns 1798–1805

Martin R. Howard

Victory at Gallipoli 1915 - The German-Ottoman Alliance in the First World War

Klaus Wolf

Korean War—Chinese Invasion - People's Liberation Army Crosses the Yalu October 1950–March 1951

Gerry van Tonder

Holocaust - The Nazis' Wartime Jewish Atrocities

Stephen Wynn

The Destruction of 6th Army at Stalingrad

Ian Baxter

Tango 1-1 - 9th Infantry Division LRPs in the Vietnam Delta

Jim Thayer

North Korea - Warring with the World

Paul Moorcraft

German Military and the Weimar Republic

Karen Schaefer

Supplying the British Army in the Second World War

Janet Macdonald

With a Royal Engineers Field Company in France & Italy - April 1915 to the Armistice

V.F. Eberle

The Light Division in the Peninsular War 1808–1811

Tim Sanders, Rob Yuill