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Pen & Sword Military

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From Normandy to Auschwitz

Paul le Goupil

The Norway Campaign and the Rise of Churchill 1940

Anthony Dix

D-Day Assault - The Second World War Assault Training Exercises at Slapton Sands

Mark Khan

Hitler's Wartime Orders - The Complete Führer Directives 1939–1945

Bob Carruthers

Brutus - Caesar's Assassin

Kirsty Corrigan

Roman Conquests: North Africa

Nic Fields

Marcus Agrippa - Right-Hand Man of Caesar Augustus

Lindsay Powell

Marshal of Victory - The Autobiography of General Georgy Zhukov

Geogry Zhukov

Ali Pasha Lion of Ioannina - The Remarkable Life of the Balkan Napoleon

Eugenia Russell, Quentin Russell

How to Undertake Surveillance & Reconnaissance - From a Civilian and Military Perspective

Henry Prunckun

Gladstone Gordon and the Sudan Wars - The Battle over Imperial Invention in the Victorian Age

Fergus Nicoll

The Battle of Okinawa 1945 - The Pacific War's Last Invasion

Jon Diamond