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Aleph Katz

Carl Sant Murder Mysteries Collection - The Complete Series

Dan Laughey

Chloe - Prime Victim

Dan Laughey

Enduv Road

Gwen Banta

The Pioneers

Vivian Stuart

All That Glitters

John Anthony Miller

Worlds Seperated

Tyler Wilson

Danny's Boys - A Novel

Charley Heenan

Broken Slate

John A. Daly

Death of a Fallen

Kelly Hollingshead


Daniel V. Jr. Meier

A New Haunt for Mr Bierce - a novel

Drew Bridges

Any Time Soon

Tamika Christy

Blood Trade

John A. Daly

Blood Before Dawn

Daniel V. Jr. Meier

Billion Dollar Bracket

Drew Bridges

While The Emperor Slept

B.R. Stateham

Not A Friend Of The Family

Stuart Field

Evil Error

Rena Winters

The Spy Who Couldn't Count

Michael N. Wilton

Miller's Outbreak Four Josie D

H. Berkeley Rourke

Women of Scotland

Helen Susan Swift

Josie Du Puy A Life Story

H. Berkeley Rourke


Chris Vobe

Percy Crow

Daniel Kemp

Bombs Away Phoenix

H. Berkeley Rourke

The Dangerous Marriage

Barbara Cartland

The Midwife's Touch

Sue Harrison

Brotherhood of the Snake

Philip Gardiner

Obsessed - A gripping psychological thriller full of twists

Jane Heafield