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The UFO Abduction Book - Extraordinary Extraterrestrial Encounters of the Terrifying Kind

Brad Steiger

Perfecta Saxonia - The Unification of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms

John Broughton

The Purple Thread

John Broughton

Blood Eagle

John Broughton

The Titian Portrait

Derek Ansell

The Horse-Thegn

John Broughton

A City Owned - The True Story of the Worst Case of Serial Sex Homicide in American History

OJ Modjeska

Killing Cousins - The True Story of the Worst Case of Serial Sex Homicide in American History

OJ Modjeska

Three Stories and Ten Poems

Ernest Hemingway

Geography and Plays

Gertrude Stein

The Wizardry of Jewish Women

Gillian Polack

The Art of Effective Dreaming

Gillian Polack

The Time of the Ghosts

Gillian Polack

Vengeance Of A Slave

V.M. Sang

An Unfinished Canvas - A True Story of Love Family and Murder in Nashville

Michael Glasgow, Phyllis Gobbell

The Donnellys: Massacre Trial and Aftermath 1880–1916

John Little

The Donnellys: Powder Keg 1840–1880

John Little

Women Who Love Men Who Kill - 35 True Stories of Prison Passion

Sheila Isenberg

Watch Me Die - Last Words From Death Row

Bill Kimberlin

Mystery at the Blue Sea Cottage - A True Story of Murder in San Diego's Jazz Age

James Stewart

Wasteland Modernism - The Disenchantment of Myth

Rebeca Gualberto Valverde

"Wer rechnet schon mit Lesern?" - Aufsätze zur Literatur

Ruth Klüger

The Wheels of Justice - The True Story Of A 27-Year Battle To Convict My Sister's Killer

Brian Whitney, Renee Fehr

The Soul of Man under Socialism

Oscar Wilde

16 Minutes - Was the Death of Baby Matthew an Accident or Murder?

Diane Marger Moore

The Return of Sherlock Holmes - Further Extraordinary Tales of the Famous Sleuth

Maxim Jakubowski

The Irish Assassins - Conspiracy Revenge and the Phoenix Park Murders That Stunned Victorian England

Julie Kavanagh

Exploring the Fife Coastal Path - A Companion Guide

Hamish Brown

Terror Town USA - The Untold Story of Joliet's Notorious Serial Killer

John Ferak

Unmasked - Tales of Risk and Revelation

Kevin J. Anderson