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A Flash of Words 2 - The Games

Brian Paone

A Bond of Words

Carolyn Young, Diane Taylor, Sunanda J Chatterjee, Laurie Gardiner, Brian Paone, Jason Pere, Kyle Lechner, Mika Spruill, R Roy Lutz, Sarah Kaminski, William Thatch, DW Vogel, Travis West, Rayona Lovely Wilson, Donise Sheppard, Sheena Robin Harris, KM Reynolds, Phil Hore, Douglas Esper, Carl D Jenkins, Austin P. Sheehan, Bethany Hoeflich, Maria Delaney, John Peagh, Lisa Dranzik, RM Deemester, Lilith Sinclair, Zachary J Ivens, David Lee Crites

Moonlight City Drive 2 - Electric Boogaloo

Brian Paone

A Flash of Words - 49 Flash Fiction Stories

Jan Maher, Carolyn Young, Adam Bennett, Dawn Taylor, Michele Perry, John Heath, Aaron Wulf, Laurie Gardiner, Nerisha Kemraj, Kari Holloway, Christine King, Susan Gibbons, Brian Paone, Alanah Andrews, Catherine A MacKenzie, Chris Ruland, Curtis Deeter, Eldred Bird, Elizabeth Montague, Erin Skolney, Hannah Grieco, Jacob Maichel, Jared Sizemore, Jason Pere, JM Ames, KA Rieder, Kyle Lechner, Lara Henerson, Lozzi Counsell, Marc Hemingway, Marlon S Hayes, Mika Spruill, Pyra Kane, R Roy Lutz, Sarah Kaminski, Sasha Lauren, Shivani Chatterjee, Tom Mohler, Whimsy Gardener, William G Edwards, William Thatch, DW Vogel, MR Ward, Chase Webster, Travis West, Gena White, Rayona Lovely Wilson, Eddie Hartshorn, TC Morgab

A Contract of Words - 27 Short Stories

Jan Maher, Laurie Gardiner, Kari Holloway, David A Williams, Brian Paone, Curtis Deeter, JM Ames, William Thatch, MR Ward, Gena White, FA Fisher, Laura Ings Self, S Lyle Lunt, Larry Herscovitch, Gemma Lambart, Stephanie Perry, Gabriella Balcom, Sheena Robin Harris, Samantha Hamilton, Melinda Logan, Leah McNaughton Lederman, Jake Ratcliff, KM Reynolds, ML Garza, Ian Thomas Bishop, CE Rickard

Moonlight City Drive - A Supernatural Crime-Noir Trilogy

Brian Paone

A Haunting of Words - 30 Short Stories

Diane Taylor, Sunanda J Chatterjee, Virginia Carraway Stark, Laurie Gardiner, Kari Holloway, Monica Sagle, RJ Castiglione, Brian Paone, JM Ames, William Thatch, DW Vogel, Travis West, Ken Johnson, Mariana Llanos, DL Smith-Lee, EC Jarvis, CH Knyght, Donise Sheppard, Ricardo Anthonio, FA Fisher, Suanne Kim, Patricia Stover, Laura Ings Self, Jim Turner, Jacob Prytherch, Lauren Nalls, Amy Hunter, Quinne Darkover, B Sharpe, River M Daniel

A Journey of Words - 35 Short Stories

Diane Taylor, Nia Davies, Laurie Gardiner, Susan Gibbons, Kate Sullivan, David A Williams, Brian Paone, JM Ames, Marlon S Hayes, William Thatch, MR Ward, Travis West, Ken Johnson, Patricia Stover, Lauren Nalls, Amy Hunter, Dennis Doty, Randy Blazak, Douglas Esper, S M, SW Anderson, Arielle Williams, Tricia DiSandro, Christopher Broom, Amanda Summerbell, Victoria Griffin, Jacklynn M Desmond, DT Sako, CM Rose, Carl D Jenkins, EC Rohm, Rebecca R Pierce, Uni Brown, Harry Novak, Andrea Barrios

A Matter of Words - 21 Short Stories

Steven Hartov, S. M., Kim Loraine, Brian Paone, Travis West, Jacob Prytherch, Randy Blazak, Chuck Mosley, Leah Lederman, Douglas Esper, Michelle Jillian Bailey, Richard Lopez Salgado, Stephanie Rogish, Lee Diogeneia, A Lee Ajang, Faith Cooper, Alfred Balcon, Cynthia Paone, Stephen Rhodes, Dana Golden, Alex Lonchiadis

Yours Truly 2095 - A Time-Travel Romance Adventure

Brian Paone

Welcome to Parkview - A Cerebral-Horror Novel of the Macabre

Brian Paone

Dreams Are Unfinished Thoughts - My Memoir of David Reilly & God Lives Underwater

Brian Paone