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Publisher: Pink Flamingo Publications

Pink Flamingo Publications

This is the page of Pink Flamingo Publications on 24symbols. Here you can see and read its books.

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The Pleasure Machine

Don Julian Winslow

The Sanctuary

Paul Preston

The Princess's Playthings

James Missaglia

The Train

Duncan Cusic

The Wormhole

Lee 2017-06-28

Thrall of the Warrior Witch

Lance Edwards


John Ponder

Clare's Secret

Charles Ayling

Do It Like You Mean It

Summer 2017-06-28

Classmates' Revenge

Lance Edwards

Downward Spiral

Patrick Richards

Doctor's Orders - A Novel of Erotic Investigation

Imelda Stark

Feminizing The Belligerent Male

Chris Bellows

Fevered Pursuits

Lance Edwards

Dutch Surrender - Dutch Capture Series Book Three

Gemma Stone


Shawne Summers

Forbidden Pleasures

Don Julian Winslow

A Dangerous Love Affair

Colin I. Guest

Folie à Deux - A Novel of Erotic Obsessions

Imelda Stark

Folded Spindled & Mutilated - A Love Story

Jurgen von Stuka


Jurgen von Stuka

Four Tamings - A Novel of Erotic Domination

Imelda Stark

Girl In The Mirror

Lizbeth Dusseau

Her Master's Slut

Duncan Cusic

The Black Widow Rises

Willow Sears

The Constant Concubines - A Trevor Gantt Erotic Mystery

Gemma Stone

Miss Hannah's Girls

Robin Bond

Miss Judith's Girls

Robin Bond

The Glass House

Lizbeth Dusseau

Miss Laura's Students - A Novel of Erotic Domination

Imelda Stark