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Publisher: Pink Flamingo Publications

Pink Flamingo Publications

This is the page of Pink Flamingo Publications on 24symbols. Here you can see and read its books.

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Laura's Evolution

JG Leathers

The Dark Woods & Other Bondage Stories

SJ Lewis

Desired Deep Slavery

JG Leathers

Olivia Enslaved

Charles Graham

The Mayor's Daughter II - Stablemale

Will Versuch

Bondage Brokers

Jurgen von Stuka

The Mayor's Daughter III - Miller's End

Will Versuch

The Mayor's Daughter - Draft Pony

Will Versuch

Keeping Catherine Chaste

JG Leathers

Kristal's Changed Life

JG Leathers

Total Chastity Toy

JG Leathers

The Milk Bitch Trilogy

Francis Gaines Bennett

A Well Trained Pup

Dominic Ridler

Kidnapped - The Taming of the Princess Bitch

Alexander Kelly

Bound For Submission

Lizbeth Dusseau

Tanya BDSM Erotica

SJ Lewis

The Contract

JG Leathers

Emma - The Education of a Submissive

Fidelis Blue

Collared & Leashed

Chris Bellows

The Second Option - Cruel Goddess or Constant Slave

JG Leathers

Brutal Revenge

Denise la Croix

Cruise Ship Captives

Roger Hastings

Secret Fantasies Fulfilled & Then Some

JG Leathers

Captives of the Colonel

Charles Graham

Controlling Christine - Book Two

JG Leathers

Celine's Seduction To Rubber

JG Leathers

A Controlled Existence - Dutch Capture Series Book Two

Gemma Stone

The Secret Circus of Pain and Degradation


Bondage Hotel

Charles Graham

The Slow Seduction of Claire McDonald

Marcus Andrews