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“We read novels because we want to see the world through other experiences, other beings, other eyes, other cultures.” Orhan Pamuk. Some novels capture us, others stir up our emotions, make us cry or inspire us. Whatever it is we are searching for in a story, the novel is the natural environment to find it.

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The Boy with Blue Trousers

Carol Jones

Highwire Moon

Susan Straight

All We Need To Know - A Family in Time

Hugh Crago

Gillyflower - A Novel

Diane Wald

Suzy Suzy

William Wall

Another Kind of Madness - A Novel

Ed Pavlić

The Space Between Time

Charlie Laidlaw

Mrs Rickaby's Lullaby

Julie Thorndyke

Prince of Monkeys - A Novel

Nnamdi Ehirim

The Exile

Gregory Erich Phillips

The Elusive Pimpernel

Emmuska Orczy

Night of the Lightbringer

Peter Tremayne

The Chilli Bean Paste Clan

Yan Ge


Vaishnav Shravan

Uplift - A Pilot's Journey

Grant Corriveau

Country Dark

Chris Offutt

The Aviator

Eugene Vodolazkin

The Baghdad Clock

Shahad Al Rawi

Tomb of the Unknown Racist - A Novel

Blanche McCrary Boyd

Slave Old Man - A Novel

Patrick Chamoiseau

Gourmet Rhapsody

Muriel Barbery

Hotel Silence

Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir

The Far River

Barbara Wood


Karma Kitaj

The Divining

Barbara Wood

Once in a Blue Moon

Vicki Covington

Saat des Segens - Roman

Saat des Segens - Roman

Francine Rivers

Die Sehnsucht ihrer Mutter - Roman

Die Sehnsucht ihrer Mutter - Roman

Francine Rivers

The Order of Things

Basil Georgiou

Fire Sermon

Jamie Quatro