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“We read novels because we want to see the world through other experiences, other beings, other eyes, other cultures.” Orhan Pamuk. Some novels capture us, others stir up our emotions, make us cry or inspire us. Whatever it is we are searching for in a story, the novel is the natural environment to find it.

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The Elusive Pimpernel

Emma Orczy

Saat des Segens - Roman

Saat des Segens - Roman

Francine Rivers

Die Sehnsucht ihrer Mutter - Roman

Die Sehnsucht ihrer Mutter - Roman

Francine Rivers

Sepharad - A Novel

Antonio Muñoz Molina

American Stranger - A Novel

David Plante

Missing Isaac

Valerie Fraser Luesse

Songs in Ordinary Time - A Novel

Mary McGarry Morris

A Small Circus - A Novel

Hans Fallada

Bailey's Cafe - A Novel

Gloria Naylor

Torquemada - A Novel

Howard Fast

The Light Years

Elizabeth Jane Howard

A Rendezvous in Haiti - A Novel

Stephen Becker

The Physician

Noah Gordon

The Young Lions - A Novel

Irwin Shaw

BF's Daughter - A Novel

John P. Marquand

The Moneychangers

Arthur Hailey