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Publisher: Red Door Consulting

Red Door Consulting

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The Man-Wolf

Leitch Ritchie

To Spank A Thief

Emmannuelle Blue

Malachi's Cove

Anthony Trollope

The Short Stories of Barry Pain

Barry Pain

The Erotic Birthday Gift

Emmannuelle Blue

The Drover's Wife

Henry Lawson

The Umbrella

Arnold Bennett

The Piano Next Door

Elia W. Peattie

The Lemon House - Passion Fruits

Emmannuelle Blue

The Little Ghost

Hugh Walpole

Abbie's Big Belgian Spanking

Emmannuelle Blue

Costume Piece A - A Raffles Mystery

E. W. Hornung

Abbie's Masked Orgy

Emmannuelle Blue

The Pistol-Shot

Alexander Pushkin

This is All

Barry Pain

Room Number Ten

Bessie Kyffin-Taylor

Her Ladyship's Discipline - Spanking and Discipline Stories

Emmannuelle Blue


Edgar Allan Poe

The Reticence of Lady Anne

Saki Saki

Aladdin and the Magic Tramp

Emmannuelle Blue

Filthy Fantasies

Emmannuelle Blue

Sredni Vashtar

Saki Saki

The Last Leaf

O. Henry

The Giraffe Problem

Barry Pain

Found on a Drowned Man

Guy De Maupassant

100 Nursery Rhymes

Cathy Dobson

Tales of Folk and Fairies

Katharine Pyle

My Uncle Jules

Guy De Maupassant

Pickman's Model

H.P. Lovecreaft

The Parasite

Arthur Conan Doyle