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Thirty Days with Married Saints - A Catholic Couples’ Devotional

Kent Lasnoski, Caitlin Lasnoski

Our Friends in Heaven - Volume 2 - Saints for Every Day July - December

Daughters of St Paul, Allison Gliot

Our Friends in Heaven - Volume 1 - Saints for Every Day January to June

Daughters of St Paul, Allison Gliot

Beholding Beauty - Mary and the Song of Songs

Greg Cleveland

16 Black Saints and Advocates for Racial Justice

Mary Leonora Wilson, Mary Lea Hill, Marianne Lorraine Trouvé, Marie Paul Curley, Allison Gliot

Complaints of the Saints - Stumbling Upon Holiness with a Crabby Mystic

Mary Lea Hill

Hope Always - Our Anchor in Life’s Storms

Kris Frank

Surviving Depression 3rd Edition - A Catholic Approach

Kathryn Hermes

Contemplating the Way of the Cross - A Personal Encounter with Our Crucified Lord

Mary Leonora Wilson

God's Mercy Awaits You - Find Healing After Abortion

Patricia Marie Barnett

God's Plan for You (Revised) - Life Love Marriage and Sex

David Hajduk

Brother Lorenzo's Pretzels - Prayer and the Holy Trinity

Cornelia Mary Bilinsky

Memento Mori Prayer Book - Prayers on the Last Things

Theresa Aletheia Noble

The Kid's Book of Prayers about All Sorts of Things (revised)

David Heller, Elizabeth Heller

Extreme Blindside

Leslea Wahl

Saint Gianna - Her Life of Joy and Heroic Sacrifice

Giuliana Pelucchi

Forgiveness: A Catholic Approach

R. Scott Hurd

John Henry Newman

Ryan J. Marr

Holy Angels Prayer Book

Mark Wickenhiser

My Bible: God's Word for Me

Martha Moss

Jesus Speaking - Heart to Heart with the King

Gabrielle Bossis

Saint Clare of Assisi - Runaway Rich Girl

Kim Hee-ju

Eucharistic Adoration Prayer Book

Marie Paul Curley

Anna Goes to a Party - And Learns about the Mass

Gabriele Kramer-Kost

The Prodigal You Love - Inviting Loved Ones Back to the Church

Theresa Aletheia Noble

Reclaim Regret - How God Heals Life’s Disappointments

Kathryn J.

Surviving Depression - A Catholic Approach

Kathryn J.

When the Lord Speaks to Your Heart - Daily Reflections

Gaston Courtois

Beginning Contemplative Prayer - Out of Chaos Into Quiet

Kathryn J. Hermes

Saint Joan of Arc - God's Soldier

Susan Helen