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The Mueller Report - The Law behind the Jurisdiction and the Power of a Special Counsel & Full Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election

Robert S. Mueller, Justice Special Counsel's Office U.S. Department of

The Unchained: Powerful Life Stories of Former Slaves - Thousands of Recorded Interviews Memoirs & Narratives of Former Slaves (Including Historical Documents & Legislative Progress of Civil Rights Movement)

Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, William Craft, Ellen Craft, Sojourner Truth, Aphra Behn, Harriet Jacobs, Solomon Northup, Stephen Smith, Louis Hughes, Elizabeth Keckley, Nat Turner, Mary Prince, Olaudah Equiano, Charles Ball, Willie Lynch, John Gabriel Stedman, Ida B. Wells-Barnett, William Still, Henry Bibb, Josiah Henson, Brantz Mayer, Moses Grandy, Sarah H. Bradford, Jacob D. Green, Austin Steward, L. S. Thompson, Kate Drumgoold, Lucy A. Delaney, Henry Box Brown, Margaretta Matilda Odell, Thomas S. Gaines, Theodore Canot, Daniel Drayton, Thomas Clarkson, F. G. De Fontaine, John Dixon Long, Joseph Mountain, Work Projects Administration

The Early Life of Abraham Lincoln - Illustrated Edition Containing Numerous Documents and Reminiscences of Lincoln's Early Friends

Ida M. Tarbell, J. McCan Davis

The Beginner's Guide to American History - Illustrated Edition: Columbus John Cabot Henry Hudson King Philip William Penn Benjamin Franklin George Washington Thomas Jefferson Abraham Lincoln

David Henry Montgomery

The History of Slavery - From Egypt and the Romans to Christian Slavery –Complete Historical Overview

Adam Gurowski

A Diary From Dixie - Civil War Memories Series

Mary Boykin Chesnut

From Cradle to Preschool – What to Expect & What to Do - Help Your Child's Development with Learning Activities Encouraging Practices & Fun Games

U.S. Department of Education

Russian Cyber Attack - Grizzly Steppe Report & The Rules of Cyber Warfare - Hacking Techniques Used to Interfere the US Election and to Exploit Government & Private Sectors Recommended Mitigation Strategies and International Cyber-Conflict Law

Investigation Federal Bureau of, Security Department of Homeland, Institute Strategic Studies, Defense U.S. Department of, College United States Army War

CIVIL WAR – Complete History of the War Documents Memoirs & Biographies of the Lead Commanders - Memoirs of Ulysses S Grant & William T Sherman Biographies of Abraham Lincoln Jefferson Davis & Robert E Lee The Emancipation Proclamation Gettysburg Address Presidential Orders & Actions

Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, John Esten Cooke, William T. Sherman, James Ford Rhodes, Frank H. Alfriend

Theodore Roosevelt's Letters to His Children - Touching and Emotional Correspondence of the Former President with Alice Theodore III Kermit Ethel Archibald and Quentin From Their Early Childhood Until Their Adulthood

Theodore Roosevelt

The Winning of the American West (All 4 Volumes) - From the Alleghanies to the Mississippi 1769-1783 the Founding of the Trans-Alleghany Commonwealths 1784-1790 Louisiana and the Northwest 1791-1807

Theodore Roosevelt

THEODORE ROOSEVELT - Memoirs of the 26th President of the United States - Boyhood and Youth Education Political Ideals Political Career (the New York Governorship and the Presidency) Military Career the Monroe Doctrine and Winning the Nobel Peace Prize

Theodore Roosevelt

The Essence of Mill's Economics: Principles of Political Economy Essays on Some Unsettled Questions of Political Economy Socialism & The Slave Power

John Stuart Mill

John Stuart Mill: Life Life Lessons & Achievements - Childhood and Early Education Moral Influences in Early Youth Youthful Propagandism Completion of the "System of Logic" Publication of the "Principles of Political Economy" Parliamentary Life

John Stuart Mill

Al-Qaeda & Islamic State: History Doctrine Modus Operandi and US Strategy to Degrade and Defeat Terrorism Conducted in the Name of Sunni Islam - Sunni Islamic Orthodoxy Salafism Wahhabism Muslim Brotherhood Base of the Jihad Bin Laden From the Islamic State to the Caliphate Recommendati...

Institute Strategic Studies, Paul Kamolnick

THE TRUE FORCE OF NORTH KOREA: Military Weapons of Mass Destruction and Ballistic Missiles Including Reaction of the US Government to the Korean Military Threat

Donald Trump, Institute Strategic Studies, Congress U.S., Andrew Scobell, John M. Sanford, Daniel A. Pinkston

The True Story of Andersonville Prison: A Defense of Major Henry Wirz - The Prisoners and Their Keepers Daily Life at Prison Execution of the Raiders The Facts of Wirz's Life the Accusations Against Wirz The Trial

James Madison Page

We the People: The Foundation & Evolution of the US Constitution - The Formation of the Constitution Debates of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 Constitutional Amendment Process & Actions by the US Congress Biographies of the Founding Fathers

James Madison, Congress U.S., Helen M. Campbell, Center for Legislative Archives

Running a Thousand Miles for Freedom: The Escape of William and Ellen Craft From Slavery

William Craft, Ellen Craft

Twelve Years a Slave - A Narrative of a New York Citizen Kidnapped in Washington DC and Rescued From a Cotton Plantation Near the Red River in Louisiana

Solomon Northup

In the Great Apache Forest - The Story of a Lone Boy Scout

James Willard Schultz

Twelve Years in the Saddle for Law and Order on the Frontiers of Texas

Sergeant W. J. L. Sullivan

The Colonization of North America - 1492-1783: Conflict of the Great European Powers in the New World - Portugal Spain England France the Netherlands & Russia (Geographical Discoveries the Establishment of Colonies &Wars)

Herbert Eugene Bolton, Thomas Maitland Marshall

Hamilton's Economic Policies - Works & Speeches of the Founder of American Financial System

Alexander Hamilton Madison, Emory Speer

American Leaders and Heroes - Illustrated Edition

Wilbur Fisk Gordy

The American Revolution: From the Rejection of the Stamp Act Until the Final Victory - Complete History of the Uprising; Including Key Speeches and Documents of the Epoch: First Charter of Virginia Mayflower Compact The Stamp Act Continental Association Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson, John Fiske, Patrick Henry, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, George Washington, William Bradford

Alaska Days with John Muir: 4 Books in One Volume - Illustrated: Travels in Alaska The Cruise of the Corwin Stickeen and Alaska Days

John Muir, S. Hall Young

The Impeachment of Donald Trump - Transcript of Trump's Conversation with Ukrainian President The Complete Mueller Report; Constitutional Provisions Procedure and Practice Related to Impeachment Attempt All Crucial Documents & Transcripts

Investigation Federal Bureau of, Elizabeth B. Bazan, Robert S. Mueller, Justice Special Counsel's Office U.S. Department of, House White, National Security Agency U.S. Congress

Famous Adventures and Prison Escapes of the Civil War (Illustrated Edition) - Civil War Memories Series


My Cave Life in Vicksburg - Civil War Memories Series