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Yoga for Everyday Life - cover

Yoga for Everyday Life

Christine Burke

Publisher: CICO Books

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Heal your body, mind, and spirit with these quick and easy yoga and meditation practices.

Do you have a pain in your neck that won't go away? Are you often impatient or overwhelmed? Would you like a greater sense of love, balance, or appreciation in your life? In Yoga for Everyday Life, Christine Burke gives you the power to heal and revitalise yourself – mind, body and spirit! Practitioners of all levels, from beginner to advanced, occasional to frequent, will love this accessible handbook of remedies based on the art and science of yoga. The first three chapters – 'Remedies for the Body', 'Remedies for the Mind' and 'Remedies for the Spirit' – cover a number of physical, mental, and emotional concerns and provide three simple, concise practices for each to address the condition. The final chapter includes longer combined sequences for the morning, noon and night to wake up, recharge and relax. From alleviating daily aches and pains to improving your state of mind and tapping into your creative spirit, you will find succinct, powerful tools that can be practised anywhere, any time.
Available since: 01/10/2023.
Print length: 176 pages.

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    You Are 1-Click Away From Learning How To Stop Absorbing Negative Energies And To Take Charge Of Your Emotions As An Empath! 
    Do you always feel other people’s emotions even when you are not with them? Are you tired of always absorbing negative energies from other people? Do you feel interacting with others overwhelms you because you are always absorbing all kinds of energy? Would you want to learn how to manage your emotions as an empath and stop absorbing negative energies? 
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    Detox Yoga is a 60 minute class that uses expert tuition to instruct 22 carefully selected yoga postures and yoga breathing techniques suitable for those with some previous yoga experience. The class will help to remove toxins from the body by stimulating the lymphatic system, massaging internal organs, increasing circulation, raising the levels of oxygen in the blood and making the elimination process more efficient.The clear, easy-to-follow instruction is combined with subtle and relaxing background music to form a practical and effective yoga class that will encourage a healthier body and a clearer mind. The class is ideal to use in conjunction with any detox eating plan to increase and enhance the effects of that plan. The Detox Yoga class is devised and instructed by Sue Fuller and was recorded in a professional sound studio. Sue is the resident yoga expert for Natural Health Magazine and is a leading yoga teacher, writer and training course author who has studied and taught yoga around the world since 1995.
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    Looking to lose weight, but struggling to find a solution that works for you? 
    Look no further than this guided meditation collection. 
    This collection provides a holistic approach to weight loss, focusing on the mind-body connection and the importance of overall well-being. 
    By addressing the root cause of weight gain, you can achieve sustainable weight loss that lasts a lifetime. 
    These meditations can help you: 
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    The collection includes the following audiobooks: 
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    2.    Lose Weight Quickly: A Visualization Meditation to Feel Healthier, Lighter and Rejuvenated 
    3.    Natural Weight Loss: A Meditation to Eat Healthy and Lose Weight Naturally 
    4.    A Healthy Body: A Meditation for Clean Eating and Fitness Inspiration 
    Listen today to start your journey towards a healthier, happier you. 
    How to Use: 
    For some, guided meditation will work the first time.  
    For others, it can take multiple sessions.  
    The average time for listeners to feel the mental shift is three weeks of daily meditations.  
    Adjust these recommendations to your unique situation.  
    Listen when you will not be operating heavy machinery and will not be interrupted.
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    Lynda s calming Mindfulness Meditations encourage a change of perspective. You relax deeply and focus on your breathing and learn how to choose when and where you pay attention to which particular thoughts. With practice you learn to detach from unwanted thoughts at inappropriate times so you switch off the pressure of a frantic whirlwind of thoughts rushing through your mind. This change of focus helps you to simply acknowledge unwanted thoughts and feelings, and then let them go with your breathing. Regular practice results in less stress, and less strident whirring of the mind and encourages more objectivity, more balance and more satisfaction in your life. Research bears out the value of Mindfulness which is now being taught not only as personal development but also in schools, the police, health care institutions and the world of business as well Lynda s gentle, voice calms and re-assures as she enhances the recording by adding hypnotic suggestions to achieve your aim and strengthen the positive overall effect. As a clinical hypnotherapist of many years standing, Lynda has helped thousands of people world-wide through her audiobooks She has featured in the press, TV and radio and is author of two widely acclaimed books on hypnotherapy, both with children and adults. The recording uses state of the art technology with gentle music playing very quietly in the background as she speaks to you. Regular listening is the key to success!
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    “An excellent reference not only for patients but also for nurses, medical assistants, and clerical staff who work in a busy gynecologist’s office.” —Wanda Ronner, MD, Pennsylvania Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Health System Hysterectomy is the second most common major surgical procedure performed on women in the United States. For some women, the decision to have a hysterectomy is an easy one; for others, it is a difficult choice associated with concerns about risks, discomfort, and female identity. Yet many disorders of the uterus—fibroid tumors, uterine and cervical cancer, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, adenomyosis, and uterine prolapse—may require surgical treatment. In this thoroughly updated edition of Hysterectomy: Exploring Your Options, gynecologists Edward E. Wallach, Esther Eisenberg, Isabel Green, and Stacey A. Scheib describe and explain every aspect of the procedure, including: Symptoms of gynecological disorders that may require uterine fibroid removal or hysterectomyThe full range of diagnostic and therapeutic imaging techniques, including MRI-focused ultrasoundThorough explanations of specific alternative measures that may be used to avoid the need for hysterectomyThe various techniques for hysterectomy, including single-incision surgery and robotic hysterectomyHow to prepare for surgery and what to expect while in the hospitalDetails on the surgery and postoperative recovery, including information about pain medications, when to resume daily activities, how sexual function may be affected, future reproductive possibilities, and the benefits and risks of hormone replacement therapyIncluded in this compassionate, comprehensive guide to treatment and recovery for women having—or deciding whether to have—a hysterectomy are stories of women whose own experiences with hysterectomy offer useful advice for anyone considering the procedure.  “A valuable reference.” —The New York Times
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