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Blackthorn's Protection Magic - A Witch's Guide to Mental and Physical Self-Defense - cover

Blackthorn's Protection Magic - A Witch's Guide to Mental and Physical Self-Defense

Amy Blackthorn

Publisher: Weiser Books

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A hands-on guide to protection magic using essential oils, incense, spells, and potions from a beloved and trusted authority.Blackthorn’s Protection Magic guides readers through the realm of the green witch to a glade filled with options for your protection. Amy Blackthorn discusses spiritual, emotional, and physical security in an easy-to-understand way. The book provides an overview of what protection means to witches and then explores practices in more depth, including: Essential oils for protection magicThe role plant allies play in both protecting and healingWhat astrology and tarot teach us about our strengths and weaknessesOracle spell work as a potent source of protection As a witch who has worked in executive security for nearly fifteen years, Amy possesses the botanical spirit of an animist witch, able to see the inherent spirit in plants, as well as a keen eye on ways to make a home feel safer and more secure, on the magical and the mundane levels. For example, holly trees provide magical protection from lightning, but also make a prickly barrier outside the home to keep burglars from lurking in the shadows.
Available since: 03/01/2022.
Print length: 208 pages.

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    An Author's Republic audio production.
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    What if you could lose considerable amounts of pounds in only a matter of weeks? 
    Maybe you have been having a problem with abdominal fat or just being slightly obese. Maybe it is more serious than you dare to admit. Well, fear not, my friend. The answer to your problem may be closer than you may think. The low-carb diet plan built upon ketogenic tactics is one of those diet plans that comes with many advantages and especially plenty of followers. People have shown outstanding before-and-after photos, without any bluffing or photoshopping them. The ketogenic diet has some curious requirements on its fans, but if followed word for word, it can grow into a big life-altering point. Prepare to read more pertaining to just some of the following points: 
    - The reason why people have become a lot more obese and what to do about it. 
    - Facts about what the ketogenic diet plan has meant for others, and what it can do for you. 
    - Carb-less meals that you need to keep away from and fats you can find in particular super-healthy food items. 
    - The best food choices to include in your ketogenic life, while remaining in ketosis. 
    - Ways in which you can easily start to lower carb quantities and concurrently, thrive on healthy fats. 
    - And also additional subtopics not being specified here. 
    I do not believe you really need any more inspiration to start checking out or listening closely to a book such as this. The topics promote themselves. They touch on different physical health elements everybody have to learn about. And today, that is going to be you. 
    Go on and click the button in that corner to buy it.
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    Our body has several energy centers known as chakras. These energy centers are connected to our aura. The aura is an atmosphere that surrounds a person, thing or place that is not visible to the human eyes usually. The chakras allow energy to move in and out of our aura. The chakras and aura affect the subtle body which include the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. 
    Opening your chakras and keeping them active can help you live a full and happy life. In his book entitled Banned Chakra Secrets Unleashed author Daniel Smith shows you in detail how to balance your chakras, how to unblock your chakras, and how to heal your chakras and feel more energized. Some of the topics covered include: 
    • History of Chakras 
    • The Seven Main Chakras 
    • Transpersonal Chakras 
    • Chakra Meditations 
    • Affirmations 
    • Chakracises 
    • Crystals 
    • Foods and Recipes 
    • Your Living Space 
    • Bathing and Essential Oils 
    • Using Sounds 
    • Reiki
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    Discover "Burgers for Breakfast": Your Path to Sustainable Well-Being Without Diets! 
    Dive into a revolutionary journey of weight management with our latest book, "Burgers for Breakfast: Break Free from Diets, Mini Habits for Weight Management." Say goodbye to frustrating diets and welcome to a world where health, enjoyment, and joy take center stage. 
    Sustainable Well-Being: Learn how small habit changes can have a significant impact on your well-being. Discover the power of mini-habits for long-term weight management. 
    Burgers for Breakfast: Yes, you heard it right! In our book, explore how you can incorporate delicious, healthy burgers into your morning routine without compromising well-being. 
    Freedom from Diets: Bid farewell to the perpetual yo-yo effect! Discover why conventional diets often lead to failure and explore a new path toward a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. 
    Practical Tips: Our book not only provides inspirational insights but also concrete, actionable tips on how to integrate mini-habits into your daily life and make sustainable changes. 
    Embark on a journey that will transform not only your weight but your entire life. "Burgers for Breakfast" is more than just a book; it's an invitation to tread a new path, break free from diets, and discover the joy of a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.
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