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The Late Clara Beame - A Novel

Taylor Caldwell

Unto All Men - A Novella

Taylor Caldwell

Manknapped by Poppy

Lauren Fisher


A.G.A. Wilmot

Grey Dog

Elliott Gish

What’s Not Mine - A Novel

Nora Decter

The Miriyama - Grabbing the chance this life gives and its trials and victories of divine and mortal love

Tracy Demercleden

Steven Statton - a very working-class spy

Gordon Henderson

Renegade Immortality

Christopher Clay

Still Reaching For The Stars

Paul Allen

Into The Darkness

Steve Catto

Three Greens - There's More than One Way to Get a Military Pension

Dougie Brimson

Sky-in-the-Eye - Adventure Love and Tragedy on the American frontier

Tony Eaton

A Girl’s Own War

K. J. Kelly

Fast Times Big City

Shelly Frome

Winston's Book of Souls

Terresa Cooper Haskew

Death Cut

Karen Neary Smithson

Earth Story

Ian Christopher

In Sickness and In Health - ‘A masterful thriller’ Style Magazine

Fiona Sussman

Where the Flowers Bloomed

Tim Swink

Once a Homecoming Queen

Jan Moran

Colours of Siena

Judith Evans

The Love of a Widow

Joeliah Nabateregga

Flannery O'Connor's Why Do the Heathen Rage? - A Behind-the-Scenes Look at a Work in Progress

Jessica Hooten Wilson

Taliban UK

Douglas Orchard

Rag and Boyd The Unicorn Keeper

Helen Brady

The Divine Proverb of Streusel - A Novel

Sara Brunsvold


Gerald Murnane


Tamika Christy

Far from Nowhere

Mark Mckay