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30 Suspense and Thriller Masterpieces you have to read in your life (Best Navigation Active TOC) (A to Z Classics) - cover

30 Suspense and Thriller Masterpieces you have to read in your life (Best Navigation Active TOC) (A to Z Classics)

Wilkie Collins, Erskine Childers, Frank Norris, Grant Allen, Henry Rider Haggard, Arthur Griffiths, Edgar Wallace, John Buchan, Anthony Hope, Edgar Rice Burroughs, E. Phillips Oppenheim, Mary Roberts Rinehart, Allen Upward, Gilbert Keith Chesterton, Louis Joseph Vance, Marcel Allain, Frederic Arnold Kummer, William Le Queux, Fred Merrick White, Thomas Hardy, William Andrew Johnston, A to z Classics

Publisher: A to Z Classics

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This collection contains an active table of contents (HTML), which makes reading easier to make it more enjoyable.
The first table of contents lists the titles of all novels included in this volume. By clicking on one of those titles you will be redirected to the beginning of that work, where you'll find a new TOC.

This book contains the following works arranged alphabetically by authors last names

	A Royal Prisoner [Marcel Allain]
	The Thames Valley Catastrophe [Grant Allen]
	Mr Standfast [John Buchan]
	The Three Hostages [John Buchan]
	Greenmantle [John Buchan]
	The Island of Sheep [John Buchan]
	The Thirty-Nine Steps [John Buchan]
	The Efficiency Expert [Edgar Rice Burroughs]
	The Man Who Was Thursday: a Nightmare [Gilbert Keith Chesterton]
	The Riddle of the Sands [Erskine Childers]
	The Woman in White [Wilkie Collins]
	The Rome Express [Arthur Griffiths]
	Lysbeth [Henry Rider Haggard]
	Desperate Remedies [Thomas Hardy]
	Rupert of Hentzau [Anthony Hope]
	The Prisoner of Zenda [Anthony Hope]
	The Apartment Next Door [William Andrew Johnston]
	The Film of Fear [Frederic Arnold Kummer]
	The Green God [Frederic Arnold Kummer]
	The Czar's Spy [William Le Queux]
	The Pit: A Story of Chicago [Frank Norris]
	The Double Traitor [Edward Phillips Oppenheim]
	The Evil Shepherd [Edward Phillips Oppenheim]
	The Kingdom of the Blind [Edward Phillips Oppenheim]
	The After House [Mary Roberts Rinehart]
	The International Spy [Allen Upward]
	The Bandbox [Louis Joseph Vance]
	Four Just Men [Edgar Wallace]
	The River of Death: A Tale of London In Peril [Fred Merrick White]
	The Dust of Death: The Story of the Great Plague of the Twentieth Century [Fred Merrick White]

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    John Buchan (1875-1940) was a Scottish writer, barrister, and member of Parliament and later become Baron Tweedsmuir and governor-general of Canada. While he was most famous for adventure stories, such as 'The Thirty-Nine Steps', he was also popular for his supernatural stories, of which 'The Far Islands' is a prime example.The young boy, Colin, throughout his isolated childhood on the western coast of Scotland, has dreams of a strange path out to sea which leads into a mysterious sea fog. As he grows up the vision develops and changes and he becomes aware of a far island which he can never quite reach....
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