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Best British Short Stories 2021 - cover

Best British Short Stories 2021

Nicholas Royle

Publisher: Salt

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The nation's favourite annual guide to the short story, now in its eleventh year.

Best British Short Stories invites you to judge a book by its cover – or, more accurately, by its title. This critically acclaimed series aims to reprint the best short stories published in the previous calendar year by British writers, whether based in the UK or elsewhere. The editor's brief is wide ranging, covering anthologies, collections, magazines, newspapers and web sites, looking for the best of the bunch to reprint all in one volume.

This new anthology includes stories by Julia Armfield, A.J. Ashworth, Iphgenia Baal, Emma Bolland, Tom Bromley, Gary Budden, Jen Calleja, Robert Dewa, John Foxx, Josephine Galvin, Uschi Gatward, Meave Haughey, Hilaire, Alice Jolly, Isha Karki, Yasmine Lever, Simon Okotie, Mel Pryor, Douglas Thompson and Matthew Turner.
Available since: 11/15/2021.
Print length: 240 pages.

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    Lord Arthur Saville's Crime &...

    Oscar Wilde

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    Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde was born on the 16th October 1854 in Dublin, Ireland.  The son of Dublin intellectuals Oscar proved himself an outstanding classicist at Trinity College and then at Oxford.  
    Wilde then moved to London and its fashionable cultural and social circles.  With his biting wit, flamboyant dress, and glittering conversation, Wilde became one of the most well-known personalities of his day. 
    His only novel, ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ was published in 1890 and he then moved on to writing for the stage with ‘Salome’ in 1891.  His society comedies were enormous hits and turned him into one of the most successful writers of late Victorian London. 
    Whilst his masterpiece, ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’, was on stage in London, Wilde had the Marquess of Queensberry, the father of his lover, Lord Alfred Douglas, prosecuted for libel.  The trial unearthed evidence that caused Wilde to drop his charges and led to his own arrest and trial for gross indecency. He was convicted and imprisoned for two years hard labour. It was to break him. 
    On release he left for France. There he wrote his last work, ‘The Ballad of Reading Gaol’ in 1898.  He died destitute in Paris at the age of forty-six sipping champagne a friend had brought with the line ‘Alas I am dying beyond my means’. 
    This collection of light-hearted and witty stories was written by Oscar Wilde in 1891. It’s presented here in its original running order of 
    Lord Arthur Savile's Crime 
    The Canterville Ghost 
    The Sphinx Without a Secret 
    The Model Millionaire
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  • Love Songs for the Shy and Cynical - cover

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    Robert Shearman

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    The first love song in the world, as composed by a pig in the Garden of Eden. The Devil, alarmed when his hobby of writing romantic fiction begins to upstage his day job. Hearts kept in Tupperware boxes, small countries that vanish from the European mainland overnight, and a kidnapper who gets more than he bargained for when his victim associates him with George Clooney. It could only be Robert Shearman's 'Love Songs for the Shy and Cynical'. Six stories of the comic and the frightening and the downright weird, taken from his multi-award winning short story collection.Love Among the Lobelias performed by Toby HadokeLuxembourg performed by Jane GoddardPang performed by Toby HadokeGeorge Clooney's Moustache performed by India FisherSweet Nothings performed by Jane GoddardOne Last Love Song performed by India FisherWINNER OF THE READERS' AWARD IN THE EDGE HILL UNIVERSITY SHORT STORY COMPETITION!
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    Set on the outskirts of a small Southern town, The Grass Harp tells the story of three endearing misfits—an orphaned boy and two whimsical old ladies—who one day take up residence in a tree house. As they pass sweet yet hazardous hours in a china tree, The Grass Harp manages to convey all the pleasures and responsibilities of freedom. But most of all it teaches us about the sacredness of love, "that love is a chain of love, as nature is a chain of life." 
    This volume also includes Capote's A Tree of Night and Other Stories, which the Washington Post called "unobtrusively beautiful . . . a superlative book."
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    Can a reality TV marriage have a happily ever after? 
    Tyler and Laney met under unusual circumstances on a reality dating show, but their love was true. Now, that the fame is gone and it's after their celebrity wedding, will their love stay strong? 
    This short story follows The Cowboy's Reality Bride. While it can be read stand alone, the characters will be more dear to your heart if you read how they met first.
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  • 10 Masterpieces you have to listen before you die Vol 2 (Golden Deer Classics) - cover

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    This Audiobook contains the following works arranged alphabetically by authors last names:
    "Emma" by Jane Austen,
    "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Brontë,
    "The Awakening" by Kate Chopin,
    "Heart of Darkness" byJoseph Conrad,
    "Crime and Punishment" by Fyodor Dostoevsky,
    "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" by F. Scott Fitzgerald,
    "The Call of the Wild" by Jack London,
    "The Dunwich Horror" by H.P Lovecraft,
    "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu,
    "The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde.
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  • Top 10 Short Stories The - The 1920's - The Women - The ten best stories written from 1920-1929 by female authors - cover

    Top 10 Short Stories The - The...

    Katherine Mansfield, Virginia...

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    Short stories have always been a sort of instant access into an author’s brain, their soul and heart.  A few pages can lift our lives into locations, people and experiences with a sweep of landscape, narration, feelings and emotions that is difficult to achieve elsewhere. 
    In this series we try to offer up tried and trusted ‘Top Tens’ across many different themes and authors. But any anthology will immediately throw up the questions – Why that story? Why that author?  
    The theme itself will form the boundaries for our stories which range from well-known classics, newly told, to stories that modern times have overlooked but perfectly exemplify the theme.  Throughout the volume our authors whether of instant recognition or new to you are all leviathans of literature. 
    Some you may disagree with but they will get you thinking; about our choices and about those you would have made.  If this volume takes you on a path to discover more of these miniature masterpieces then we have all gained something. 
    In this decade the equality of the sexes is now law.  In real life it’s patchy.  Power refuses to ebb or cede.  In literary terms though women are again second to none with writing that strides confidently forward addressing the issues, the characters and the stories in unique and individual ways. 
    1 - The Top 10 - The Women - The 1920's - An Introduction 
    2 - The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield 
    3 - The String Quartet by Virginia Woolf 
    4 - Miss Ogilivy Finds Herself by Radclyffe Hall 
    5 - The Difference by Ellen Glasgow 
    6 - Rhapsody by Dorothy Edwards 
    7 - Hodge by Elinor Mordaunt 
    8 - Blessed Are the Meek by Mary Webb 
    9 - Decay by Marjorie Bowen 
    10 - The Night of No Weather by Violet Hunt 
    11 - Young Magic by Helen Simpson
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