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Convert - Make your website sell more - cover

Convert - Make your website sell more

Jim Martin

Publisher: Editorial Martin

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Website conversions are elusive. Hard to obtain and harder to sustain. From Ecommerce to bookings or lead generation sites, we are in the game to optimise our websites in order to maximise the ad spend.
What do we do when results aren't there, when agencies don't know what's failing and businesess need to revise their site from a different optic? 
This book will give you an all-around idea of what's needed to find it out. What's at play and what are the things that you and your team haven't considered but are extremely relevant in order to bring conversions back.
Available since: 05/04/2022.
Print length: 150 pages.

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  • The Horse God Built - The Untold Story of Secretariat the World's Greatest Racehorse - cover

    The Horse God Built - The Untold...

    Lawrence Scanlan

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    In The Horse God Built, bestselling equestrian writer Lawrence Scanlan has written a tribute to an exceptional man that is also a backroads journey to a corner of the racing world rarely visited. 
    As a young black man growing up in South Carolina, Eddie Sweat struggled at several occupations before settling on the job he was born for—groom to North America's finest racehorses. As Secretariat's groom, loyal friend, and protector, Eddie understood the horse far better than anyone else. A wildly generous man who could read a horse with his eyes, he shared in little of the financial success or glamour of Secretariat's wins on the track, but won the heart of Big Red with his soft words and relentless devotion. 
    In Scanlan's rich narrative, we get a groom's-eye view of the racing world and the vantage of a man who spent every possible moment with the horse he loved, yet who often basked in the horse's glory from the sidelines. More than anything else, The Horse God Built is a moving portrait of the powerful bond between human and horse.
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  • Hypnosis to fall asleep faster - With sleep hypnosis and subliminal affirmations - cover

    Hypnosis to fall asleep faster -...

    Samara Vidal

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    Are you sick and tired of trying to go to bed early but you just won't fall asleep?Hypnosis has been proven to help improve many aspects of our lives such as helping us to sleep better and faster.In this audiobook you will get:More relaxation when you are about to sleepBetter quality of sleeping timeA guided hypnosis to fall asleep fasterRelaxing soundsInstall feelings of stress reliefHow?During this hypnosis, you will be guided into a deep state of relaxation in which your unconscious mind will be more open to retaining suggestions.While in this state, we can work directly with your unconscious to install new positive messages permanently that will help you while you are sleeping.If you are ready to start sleeping the way that you’re supposed to sleep, then get this audiobook today!!
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  • Eczema Fix - cover

    Eczema Fix

    J. Steele

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    Eczema, that horrible itchy rash on your skin, isn’t new. Ancient Egyptians suffered from eczema and sought relief with oatmeal baths. And it worked! Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, discussed the role of skin disease, sweating, and itching over two thousand years ago. 
    Thirty million Americans suffer from eczema, including children. Doctors have discovered a genetic link for eczema between parent and child. If a parent suffers from eczema, the child may be predisposed to eczema, as well. 
    One in five school-age children have this rash, and one in twelve adults suffer from eczema. This condition can affect their self-imagine, self-esteem, and health. It can affect every-day life and cause a lack of sleep. It can also be embarrassing.
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  • Reading People - Harness the Power Of Personality Body Language Influence & Persuasion To Transform Your Work Relationships Boost Your Confidence & Read People! - cover

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    Darcy Carter

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    The Secrets Of Reading People Have Been Unleashed In This Book 
    What if you could walk into a room and know what others are thinking? Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get everything they ask for, and how people tend to be drawn to them? 
    Upon meeting someone for the first time, it can be hard to work out what kind of person they are. 
    Reading People is a powerful way to realize people's intentions, figure out who is sincere, manage relationships, and much more. 
    These abilities might seem like they're straight out of a superhero movie... 
    But the truth is that with the right knowledge you can get a glimpse into a person's mind and know what they're really thinking. 
    Imagine a life where you can easily read people.  
    Where you can tell if someone is having a negative or a positive effect on you. Imagine the value your life would receive if you could discover when someone was lying to you. Or if they really had your best interests in mind. Think about how this could help you to excel in life. 
    The more socially connected we are the happier we feel. As a direct result, our health improves. 
    In This Book You Will Discover 
    -Master The Psychology Behind How to Read People 
    -Never Be Left Wondering What Others Are Thinking Ever Again 
    -Discover the Building Blocks of Every Personality 
    -Decode The Body Language Of The People Around You 
    -Excel At Business & Social Interactions 
    -Master Your Superhuman Intuition 
    -Improve Your Confidence, Attractiveness & Success 
    -Identify The 3 Ways You Are Being Manipulated 
    -Unleash Your Psychic Within 
    -Close A Profitable Deal Using The Art Of Persuasion 
    -Leave People Stunned & Confused 
    And Much, Much, More. 
    Listen to This Book if you want to Discover The Secrets To Reading People, improve your life and have better relationships.
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  • El origen de las Especies - cover

    El origen de las Especies

    Charles Darwin

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    Charles Darwin, el precursor de la literatura científica, expuso en El origen de las especies su famosa teoría de la biología evolutiva y la selección natural. Fue una publicación polémica que suscitó discusiones científicas, filosóficas y religiosas; sin embargo, hoy, la teoría moderna de la evolución acepta las tesis sobre la adaptación al medio ambiente de una especie para sobrevivir y su lenta, pero evidente, evolución.
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  • Python Programming For Beginners - Learn the Basics of Python in 7 Days! - cover

    Python Programming For Beginners...

    Maurice J. Thompson

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    Eager to learn Python programming quickly? Have you always wanted to learn computer programming but thought it was difficult for you? Or perhaps you know other programming languages, but you are interested in learning Python language faster than ever?   
    If the answer to these questions is "Yes"...then you are in the right place!   
    Coding is the language of the future. The time to learn the ins and outs of coding is now, unless of course you want to be left behind from the biggest revolution mankind will witness.  
    So, what does it take to be one of those who the masses will rely on to create products, change them, and do a lot more with technology? Well, the secret is in learning programming languages because every electronic device runs on some sort of programming language.  
    Python will provide you all that, and since new platforms like Raspberry Pi are Python-based, learning Python will place you at an ideal place where you can enjoy the Internet of things. This audiobook will introduce you to the Python programming language and make sure that after listening to the guide, you shall be aware of the basics of the language and able to create simple Python programs.  
    This audiobook is the first in a series of three audiobooks meant to help you learn Python programming, from beginner to intermediate and then advanced level. As such, this audiobook will handle everything you need to build a strong understanding of the basics of Python programming language.  
    I think the best way to learn Python (or any other skills) is by doing it. This audiobook includes visual charts that will guide you and help you learn those specific codes you want to learn really fast. 
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