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How to Scalp the Mini DAX Future? - cover

How to Scalp the Mini DAX Future?

Heikin Ashi Trader

Publisher: DAO Press

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How to Scalp the Mini DAX Futures
Thanks to the introduction of the Mini-DAX futures (FDXM) private traders with smaller accounts are afforded the opportunity to scalp the German DAX Index to professional terms. Unlike most other trading instruments, Futures are the most transparent and effective way to make money in the financial markets.
Scalpers have infinitely more trading opportunities than position traders or day traders, which constitutes the real strength of this trading style. A scalper may therefore manage his capital much more effectively than all other market participants and thus achieve much greater returns than would otherwise be the case.
The Heikin Ashi Trader shows in this book how to successfully scalp this new future on the DAX. You will learn how to enter the market, how to manage your position and at which point you should back out. In addition, the book contains a wealth of tips and tools to make your trading even more effective and precise.
Table of Contents
The EUREX Introduces the Mini DAX Future
The German DAX, a Popular Market for International Traders
Advantages of Future Trading
The Heikin-Ashi Chart
What Is Scalping?
What is the Advantage of Being a Scalper?
Basic Setup of Heikin Ashi Scalping
Entry Strategies
Are Re-Entries Sensible?
Exit Strategies
Are Multiple Targets Sensible?
When You Should Scalp the Mini-DAX-Future (and When Not)
Useful Tools for Scalpers
Placing Orders
Open and Close Orders
Managing Open Orders
The Trailing Stop as a Profit Maximization Tool
Various Stop-Orders
The Fix Stop
The Trailing Stop
The Linear Stop
The Time Stop
The Parabolic Stop
Link Stop Orders
Multiple Stops and Multiple Targets
On the Stock Exchange Money Is Made with Exit Strategies!
Further Development of Market Analysis
Key Price Levels
Live Statistics
More Books by Heikin Ashi Trader
About the Author
About the Author:
Heikin Ashi Trader is the pen name of a trader who has more than 17 years of experience in day trading futures and foreign exchange. He specializes in scalping and fast day trading. In addition to this, he has published multiple self-explanatory books on his trading activities. Popular topics are on: scalping, swing trading, money- and risk management.
Available since: 10/10/2018.

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