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Pink Bean Series: Books 1-9 - cover

Pink Bean Series: Books 1-9

Harper Bliss

Publisher: Ladylit Publishing

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Sydney is full of coffeeshops, but none as exciting, and full of drama, as the Pink Bean.
First meet Micky, a newly divorced mother of two, who in No Strings Attached is claiming her independence by taking a job at the Pink Bean and exploring a new side to herself.
Next up are Kristin and Sheryl, the owners of the Pink Bean. Beneath the Surface will take you back in time to follow their journey and discover the origin story of Sydney’s pinkest coffee shop.
Get to know Josephine, long-time barista at the Pink Bean, as she attempts to get over her insecurities and opens herself up to love in Everything Between Us.
In This Foreign Affair, heartbroken Zoya has a holiday romance with French tourist Camille, but is faced with tough choices when the fling turns into something deeper.
Old traumas come back to haunt yoga teacher Louise when the Pink Bean hires a new manager. Water Under Bridges explores the themes of change and forgiveness, and whether people can ever truly move on from a dark past.
Book shop owner Annie and her wife Jane see their relationship challenged with the arrival of the Pink Bean into their lives. Find out how they navigate and overcome the struggles of a long-lasting marriage in No Other Love.
Love Without Limits is the follow-up to Everything Between Us and sees Josephine and Caitlin explore the boundaries of their unconventional relationship.
Jessica is on a road to recovery, both physical and mental, in Crazy For You. She finds herself falling for Liz, but accepting Liz’s background is proving harder than expected.
Former escort Katherine is opening a new Pink Bean branch with the help of builder Hera. Walls have to be broken down and prejudices overcome in More Than Words.
Grab an espresso (or a flat white) and settle down for 2000 pages of heartwarming, dramatic and steamy lesbian romance like only best-selling author Harper Bliss can craft.

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    FEEL THE HEAT, THE PASSION, THE LONGING... Bitter Endings, Final Break, Kissing Girls and Naughty Thoughts as you follow the love life of Ellis, her ex lover Katie, flirtatious Paula and new love interest Lynn. This series is known for hot sexy scenes handled sensitively and the passion literally oozes off the pages. 
    BITTER ENDINGS (book 6) 
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    FINAL BREAK (book 7) 
    Ellis makes the final break with Katie after being pulled into her lies about an unexpected sexual tryst. And as Ellis is trying to move forward with her new romantic interest Lynn, she is visited by Paula, a newly single friend who is also on the prowl. What will happen to Ellis next? One thing for sure, Ellis is kept very busy in this lusty, erotic segment. 
    KISSING GIRLS (book 8) 
    Teased by her new love interest, Ellis and Lynn (with the dancing blue eyes) have played around a little, but both hesitate. Ellis is is still fiercely attracted to her former, cheating lover Katie, but afraid to jump into another relationship. Desperately horny, Ellis is shocked find she is still having graphic “dreams” about Katie as she continues to try to push past their three-year committed relationship. 
    NAUGHTY THOUGHTS (book 9) 
    Ellis and Lynn are trying to move forward with dating and hopefully a relationship, but will a party full of ex's stall out a hot Georgia night. Ellis is determined to spend an evening alone with Lynn and she will do whatever it takes to get Lynn all to herself and make her naughty thoughts a reality. 
    Feel the passionate longing as feverish youthful hormones ignite a hesitant young lesbian woman in “everyone knows everybody’s business” small town, USA. 
    What Readers are Saying: 
       "intense, keeps you on the edge of your seat" 
       "will literally heat you up" 
       "true lesbian literature" 
       "excellent storyline" 
       "draws you in, keeps you reading" 
       "pacy, edgy, sexy, elegantly written" 
       “five-star” adult romance" 
       "smoking hot, I'll be back for more." 
    Scroll up to Buy Now and FEEL the HEAT TODAY
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  • More Than Words - Building Walls Around Your Heart Is Easier Than Breaking Them Down A Novel - cover

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    Harper Bliss

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    Building walls around your heart is much easier than breaking them down. 
    Katherine Jones has said goodbye to her old job as a luxury lesbian escort and embarked on a new adventure with her best friend Rocco: opening a third branch of the Pink Bean coffee shop. 
    Rocco's aunt, Hera Walker, is tasked with renovating the building of the new Pink Bean. It's Hera's first job after recovering from the sudden death of her long-term partner and she finds it hard to reconnect with her former life. Her first new client being an ex-call girl isn't exactly helping. 
    Can Hera find the open-mindedness to see Katherine for who she truly is? And will Katherine, who has never suffered fools gladly, be able to break down the wall Hera has built around her? 
    Contains mature themes.
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    The stories in this remarkable collection by Jane Rule explore the relationships among men and women, women and women, and families—both conventional and unconventional From traditional families to relationships that break new ground, this anthology runs the gamut of human emotions.  The eponymous heroine “Dulce” is a self-proclaimed muse, witch, whore, “preying lesbian,” and “devouring mother” who has a profound effect on the lives of the women and men around her. “His Nor Hers” tracks the unraveling of a marriage—with unexpected results. “The Real World” explores the moral universe of a female mechanic who creates an unconventional family. In “A Matter of Numbers,” a divorced math professor falls in love with her twenty-year-old student. And the title story introduces two women—one widowed, one divorced—who rediscover romance aboard a cruise ship. Whether she’s turning the spotlight on unfulfilled wives, frustrated husbands, friends, or secret lovers, Inland Passage is Jane Rule at her most insightful.  
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  • Heart Failure - cover

    Heart Failure

    Chris Zett

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    An enemies-to-lovers lesbian romance about daring to open your heart. 
    Dr. Jess Riley's life is perfect, ticking all the boxes—successful cardiologist, newborn daughter, and a luxurious condo. That is, until she suddenly collapses from acute heart failure. Her entire world crumples along with her exhausted body. 
    Jess is forced to face facts—she can't keep working endless hours, and she'll have to move back home to recover. 
    To her shock, her mother has already taken in Lena Walker, a struggling artist who isn't a stranger to heartbreak either. 
    At first, an unimpressed Jess resents Lena's cheerful presence. Gradually, though, the two women form a tentative friendship over tai chi, picking fruit, and evening walks with the baby. A sexy massage leads to friends-with-benefits fun. But is it all too soon? Should two barely mended souls try to risk a future together? 
    Contains mature themes.
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    Dreams. I used to have them before the nightmares started. I dreamed of nice guys, love . . . normalcy. Things like reading the Sunday paper in bed with my lover. But who needs dreams when your reality is filled with a string of faceless dominating men in uniform? Men that pack a thick bulge and are only too happy to satisfy your sexual cravings. Me, that's who.Then he walked through the door and shared with me, a total stranger, his intimate dream of love. Damn him for verbalizing every single detail of the dream I buried long ago. And now I don't know how I'm going to live without that dream-or him.Contains mature themes.
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