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RNA The Forbidden Fruit - cover

RNA The Forbidden Fruit

Frank Pedreno

Translator Timothy Johnson

Publisher: Lechmere

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RNA, the younger sibling of genetics, has led us to reformulate the theory of the origin of life and has managed to displace the arrogant DNA from its pedestal, producing a paradigm shift in the fields of biomedical sciences and the evolution of species.
In early 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic struck humanity, causing millions of deaths. In an unprecedented technological feat, scientists created vaccines based on messenger RNA technology in just 12 months, with the spectacular result that millions of lives are being saved. RNA is already a part of our daily lives. But what if RNA were actually the forbidden fruit of the scientific tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Can we manipulate genetics at will?  Or will we have to pay dearly for having had the audacity to eat that fruit? RNA, The Forbidden Fruit, is a novel written in three parts that poses a puzzling, verisimilar enigma in which Homo sapiens are no longer alone. There is a new, much more intelligent species among us that has been responsible for the amazing technological developments of the last 400 years.
This first part describes a dystopian future just around the corner, in a Boston populated by endearing characters who rescue courage and friendship alongside others carried away by envy and religious dogmatism. The everyday life of the characters intertwines with the RNA discoveries that begin to change our history, turning the novel into a thriller that simultaneously maintains strong scientific content at all times. Frank Pedreno accompanies the reader in comprehending current issues while unfolding a multifaceted plot involving various actors from the worlds of religion, politics, biopharmaceuticals and large research institutes.
Available since: 01/02/2022.

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