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CALL "M" FOR MURDER: Ultimate Collection - 885 Murder Mysteries Thriller Novels & Detective Stories in One Edition - A Panoramic View of Crime Fiction: Mystery Thrillers & Detective Stories - cover

CALL "M" FOR MURDER: Ultimate Collection - 885 Murder Mysteries Thriller Novels & Detective Stories in One Edition - A Panoramic View of Crime Fiction: Mystery Thrillers & Detective Stories

Edgar Allan Poe, Wilkie Collins, Mary Roberts Rinehart, Erskine Childers, William Le Queux, Émile Gaboriau, Ambrose Bierce, Melville Davisson Post, E. W. Hornung, Louis Tracy, Richard Marsh, Allan Pinkerton, Edgar Wallace, G. K. Chesterton, Sax Rohmer, Agatha Christie, E. Phillips Oppenheim, Marie Belloc Lowndes, Dorothy L. Sayers, A. Milne, Carolyn Wells, Anna Katharine Green, Murray Leinster, Arthur Conan Doyle, Ernest Bramah, E. C. Bentley, Auguste Groner, R. Austin Freeman, H. Beam Piper, Fred M. White, H.C. McNeile, Frank H. Spearman, Catherine Louisa Pirkis, Cleveland Moffett, Arthur B. Reeve, Arthur Morrison, Frank Froest, Pierre Souvestre, Frank L. Packard, Jackson Gregory, J. S. Fletcher, Arthur J. Rees, Freeman Wills Crofts, H. C. Bailey, Victor L. Whitechurch, Louis Joseph Vance, A.E.W. Mason, Marcel Allain, Frederic Arnold Kummer, Thomas W. Hanshew, Anna Maynard Barbour, James Hay, John R. Coryell, Arthur Cheney Train, Rober Barr, C. N. Williamson, A. M. Williamson, Isabel Ostander

Publisher: Good Press

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CALL "M" FOR MURDER: Ultimate Collection is an ambitious anthology that brings together 885 murder mysteries, thriller novels, and detective stories, manifesting a panoramic view of crime fiction from its nascent stages in the 19th century through to the early 20th century. This compilation not only showcases the evolution of the genre but also highlights the diversity in narrative techniques, thematic explorations, and the psychological depth of character development. The anthology stands out for its encompassing range, including canonical works that have shaped the detective and mystery genre, and lesser-known gems that deserve wider recognition. The stories, varied in their settings from foggy London streets to the mysterious American suburbs, collectively underscore the universal appeal of crime fiction and its capacity to interrogate human nature. The contributing authors and editors of CALL "M" FOR MURDER are a veritable who's who of the genre, each bringing their unique voice and perspective to the themes of justice, morality, and mystery. Their backgrounds as pioneers of the detective story, innovators of forensic fiction, and master storytellers, have collectively contributed to the literary movements of their times, from Gothic sensibilities to the Golden Age of detective fiction. Their works not only reflect the societal anxieties and cultural preoccupations of their respective eras but also showcase the genre's adaptability and enduring relevance. For readers seeking to immerse themselves in the depth and diversity of crime fiction, CALL "M" FOR MURDER offers an unparalleled opportunity. This collection invites enthusiasts and scholars alike to traverse the fascinating landscapes of mystery and suspense, engaging with the minds of criminals and detectives across centuries. It is an essential compendium for those who appreciate the intricacies of plot, the puzzles of human behavior, and the art of suspense writing. The anthology serves as a testament to the genres evolution and its ongoing dialogue with readers about justice, empathy, and the complexity of the human condition.
Available since: 11/18/2023.
Print length: 64111 pages.

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    “Miss Seeton is a hoot! I was torn between laughter and eye rolling with each page turn. The characters are loveable and thoroughly British. This is a perfect specimen of classic British mystery.“  
    “What a joy Miss Seeton is. Why did I wait so long to read them?  Splashy characters, lovely setting, and just plain funny.”  
    “I've become a Miss Ess addict. Great characters that get better with each book. A must for anyone who loves a good British cozy with a twist, and surprising revelations of what a good brollie can do in a pinch.”  
    “What a great series. This is one of the best in English light reading mysteries.”  
    “Miss Seeton is a delightful sendup of the amateur sleuth. If your doctor has prescribed laughter as the best medicine, run and buy the entire series as fast as you can.” Editorial reviews:  
    “A most beguiling protagonist!” New York Times  
    “Miss Seeton gets into wild drama with fine touches of farce . . . This is a lovely mixture of the funny and the exciting.” San Francisco Chronicle  
    “This is not so much black comedy as black-currant comedy . . . You can’t stop reading. Or laughing.” The Sun  
    “Depth of description and lively characters bring this English village to life.” Publishers Weekly  
    “Fun to be had with a full cast of endearingly zany villagers . . . and the ever gently intuitive Miss Seeton.” Kirkus Reviews  
    “Miss Seeton is the most delightfully satisfactory character since Miss Marple.” Ogden Nash
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